R.I.P. Sopranos - 06/10/07 (Open SPOILERS after post #12)

R.I.P. Carmela (predicting she’ll get killed in the war & Tony will lam it 'cause he’ll lose his will to stick around).

R.I.P. Phil (‘cause you just need killin’ - 'nuf said, you giant-sized petri dish of ebola).


R.I.P. Bobby. You were a mobster, but you were about the cuddliest, most soft-hearted mobster imaginable.

R.I.P. Sil, for practical purposes. I’m glad I didn’t see last week’s episode until Friday night. The thought of a world without Sil is too damn depressing.

R.I.P. Tony. Your goose is cooked: the FBI probably can’t protect you from Phil, you’re being protected by a bunch of redshirts, and your family is a wreck. If Johnny Sack whacked you, I wouldn’t like it, but I’d deal. Phil winning a war without a scratch? That stings. He’s a true dick.

Don’t you think it would be poetic justice if they find Phil and treat him to the very same type of demise that Frank Vincent (as Billy Batts) went through in Goodfellas? I have had this funny feeling that the main reason Chase cast him was for just such a fun ending.

Paulie and Carlo are redshirts?

They both seem to be in their late 60s. Mob soldiers (as opposed to bosses) who have lived that long have to be the toughest of the tough.

If they could find a way to effect that 20 times over, yes. Yes. YES. YES.*

  • As I sit on the edge of the bed, contemplating this scene, gripping the bedsheet; now realizing I, uh, need to go wash up, the thought was too much.

I was exaggerating: with Chris, Sil and Bobby dead in the last few weeks, the pickings seem pretty slim. Paulie is a roach, he’d probably survive anything- but Paulie and Carlo sure don’t seem like enough to protect Tony from whatever wrath is coming down from New York.

I stand by my prediction that Paulie takes out Tony. I will expect $1 from every doper that doubted me when it happens.

That’s why he would win. Hell, they’re mobsters, not priests. Being a nice guy is not a marketable skill.

The last episode is called “Made in America”, which is a very good title.

It’s all been good so far. Six seasons of the best television anywhere. I don’t if they can top all that in the final episode.

I do not have HBO, will we do a running commentry here, or is there one elsewhere?

39 minutes in and not a good clue.

Gonna be an interesting last 15 minutes.

Note to me: Careful at Speedway.

That was bullshit.

what? what? wha?

  • non-HBO havin

What. The. Fuck?

I was sitting there for over an hour, expecting Something Bad to happen, like for AJ and his friend to commit mutual suicide.


What was that? Terrible ending…

Wow, that could go down as the worst ending in television history.

Well, that was a nice and hearty “Eff You” to all the fans.
And likewise, Mr Chase.