"R.O.D.: Read or Die" anime...anyone else seen this?

…It’s a quirky little three-episode OVA that I noticed at the video store the other day.

A good description can be found here, complete with screenshots, but no spoilers.

And really, what more can be said for this series, more than it’s characters?

Secret agents…working for the British Royal library.

A glasses-wearing, book-obsessed hard core nerd heroine, with the metahuman ability to control paper. (It’s cooler than it sounds. Really.) She even keeps her clothes on (!).

Another secret agent who seems to be a combination of Kitty Pryde and Planetary’s Jakita Wagner.

And an evil clone brigade of 17th-19th century allstars. ("Ach, out of my vay! I am Otto Lilienthal!")

How could you not love a series like that?

On the downside…there’s no sequel, as of yet. There’s a Manga, but I don’t know if it’s available in English.

It apparently has a “sequel” series, “Read or Dream,” coming out soon…but that one features all-new characters, a trio of paperkinetic sisters. This strikes me as being like the “Doggett and Reyes” episodes of The X-Files…without the original characters, what’s the point?
So…am I the only person in North America who’s seen this thing?

Oh, did I mention…

…the implied lesbianism? YOW!

It’s one of the few manga that I was not able to force myself to read an entire volume of. Found it absolutely awful.

Maybe the anime is better.

Actually, there’s also a tv series airing in Japan right now (called, oddly enough ROD TV). It’s very good, although it’s somewhat slower paced. It also takes place 4 or 5 years after the events of the OAV and involves different characters (all of which are pretty cool).

I wouldn’t be surprised if Geneon (Pioneer’s new name) had it out late next year or so.

If you have broadband and a computer powerful enough to run divx, I could probably point you to a site to download episodes fansubbed, if you email me.

I’ve seen that. Speaking as someone who’s kinda picky about anime, I liked “Read or Die”. I haven’t heard anything about ROD TV. I’ll have to look into it.

Just got “Read or Die”; haven’t watched it due to
a) Anime burnout after watching “Excel Saga”. I mean WTF???
b) Annoyance that the Region 2 version of “Plastic Little” does not include a “jiggle counter”. Chiz!!!

Finally got to see this, just now. I’ve been waiting for months ever since reading a review of it online. Gave up waiting for Netflix to carry it.

Anyway, I loved it. So much imagination crammed in there. I especially loved how they kept dodging cliches – especially with the rocket countdown, and just the fact that the big action hero doesn’t really do a whole lot. Every time they could’ve gone for the predictable, they threw a curve in there. Another really nice touch on the DVD is that the chapter titles are arranged like a real Bibliography with genuine books.

And Ranchoth, I think you’re off-base with your spoiler there. It was the exact same thing I was thinking at first, but the end of the thing pretty much made it clear that wasn’t the case, right?

slortar – I’m really glad to hear there’s a series; I’d be really disappointed if that’s all there was. But you said it was different characters. Does it still include The Paper? Doesn’t seem like much of a show if it doesn’t…

I have seen the OAV’s - it seemed okay to me; excellent character design, and having a character control PAPER as a mystical power is pretty neat. Didn’t like how they handled the Americans though.

3 out of 5 Stars.

I dunno, I thought it could be seen a few ways…

[spoiler]…Nancy might just have been “playing” The Paper, just as part of her job. Or she might have been playing The Paper, but still actually developed feelings for her. Or she might have unexpectedly developed feelings for The Paper, which just happened to present a good opportunity to betray/comprimise her team.

…either way, I noticed that Yomiko didn’t seem to be in any hurry to wash off that lipstick.

But of course, it’s all moot. Seeing as how Nancy either died in space, leaving only her amnesiac clone; or was left with tota; amnesia after exposure to space. Either way, we’re down one “Nancy” when the story ends. Possibly forever, if they don’t make a sequel. :mad:

Yes, there are four main characters, 3 of which are sisters and control paper. The fourth is related in some way to Yomiko, who has gone missing.

Loved it, love the soundtrack too.

It’s been a while since i’ve seen it, can anyone enlighten me ?

That sounds pretty cool, slortar; the character herself was actually pretty annoying, but it was her power that was neat.

And Ranchoth, I just meant that by the end of the third episode, they came right out and said that Yomiko & Nancy’s relationship was a big-sister/little-sister one.

Don’t have much to add other than…

Yes, I’ve seen it.

Yes, I thought it was pretty good.

I’ve been watching the TV series as well. It’s good too, if a little slow.

Eh? The impression I got was that Yomiko was…

…Refering to the Nancy seen in the series as being the “big sister” to the Nancy seen in the hospital. “Big sister” could have been refering to a) The “original” Nancy, if the Nancy in the hospital was the clone; or b) Nancy’s “former self,” who she was before she was struck with amnesia, if the Nancy in the hospital was the one who’d gone up on the rocket.

That’s right, but:

it was just to bring closure to the series and show how Yomiko & Nancy’s roles had reversed. The “big sister” that they were referring to at the end was Nancy before her amnesia. But earlier, when Yomiko gets her bookmark back from Nancy, there’s a message on it from nancy that refers to Yomiko as her little sister. (Granted, that’s supposedly a common Japanese expression to refer to unrelated men and women as big/little brother or big/little sister). I was totally thinking that they were implying some lesbian subtext going on, but first with the bookmark and then when Nancy sacrificed herself to die with the man she loved, that put that to rest.

Hmmm…I just watched that scene again—I had the subtitles off on the first viewing. The dub didn’t translate the written Japanese onscreen—and the note scribbled on the bookmark reads “Please take care of my younger sister.”

That, combined with Yomiko’s mentioning to the Nancy-in-Hospital about her (Nancy’s) “older sister” leads me to believe that Hospital Nancy was the clone, not the original Nancy. The Clone, being a duplicate of Nancy, would be a twin…a “sister,” in a sense. And being created after the original Nancy was, she’d be a “younger sister.”

Now, if the note had said “Please take care, my younger-sister.” then it would almost certainly refer to Yomiko. That one little “of” makes all the difference.