Anyone know where I can get a copy of this game?

I played it on a Unix system when I was a computer operator back around 1985-86. It’s like rogue, only you can do more stuff, like bargain with the quartermaster, cast spells, and transport from level to level.

I found a copy of rogue, but I never was able to find r+. Just curious if it still exists somewhere.

I realize this question was pretty geeky, but 10 days with no answer?

Don’t tell me I’ve stumped the Teeming Thousands. Someone out there must know whether this thing still exists, and if so, where to find it. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I hear that you can locate a pirated copy in Mongolia. :wink:

That’s probably true. :wink:

Do a search for rogue on shareware.com or similar and you should find something, or check out the newsgroup rec.games.roleplay.rogue-like I think is the group.

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You might want to give Nethack a look, another Rogue-like game.