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If someone can direct me to a site where you can post an “I want this____, anybody have one?” message, I’d appreciate it. But for now, I’ll post here:

I’m looking for a copy of Phantasmagoria, a CD-ROM game from a few years back, and also a copy of “Scorched Earth,” a shareware game from the same time period. Anybody have 1 or both? I’ll pay $5 for each plus S&H.

OK, good time for this I guess. I’ve been looking for a game called “Pirates”. I think it was originally on the Commodore 64, but I believe I’ve seen it for the PC. What a cool game. You got to navigate, duel, romance women, barter goods and have cannon battles!

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rastahomie – oh, I have it! And it’s a great game! 5$? Are you nuts? I bought that when it came out. It has seven CDs and cost me around 50$. I think you can get a copy of it with the newer one for around 30$. Look at:

they may have it. Egghead or any other on-line software store may have a few copies still floating around. But you won’t find it for 5$.

Democritus – find out who makes the game and go into their web page. Most of them still have copies floating around.


I’ll have access to a copy of scorched earth when I go home. I could email you the game as a zip file.


Sid Meier (yes, of Civ fame) wrote a game called Pirates. I was a bit disappointed by it - I think it was an early effort - but it sounds like the game you describe.

Hope this helps!

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Scorched Earth can be found on the net as a download. I used to have the bookmarks, have since lost them, but it’s defintiely out there. One of my all-time favorites, by the way. Good choice!


I’ve been playing Pirates! Gold for the past 4 years, and just installed it on my new P3 500. It runs funny now (shuts down all by itself) and has an irritating copy protection feature, but its still a rockin’ game.


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Doh…I forgot to add;

I’ve also been looking for a game for years, Task Force 1942, another Microprose game from the 1993-94 era. Any hints?


I can think of no more stirring symbol of man’s humanity to man than a fire engine - Kurt Vonnegut

try one of the binary newsgroups, they have them. alt.binaries.games Post a request. Someone may post it & you can download it. But nothing like 5 cd games. No way.

Check out this E-bay search on Phantasmagora…they have boatloads of them, cheap.

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Zettecity- I finally posted a pic!

As long as we’re on the subject, I’m looking for an old game put out by Maxis (the company best known for SimCity). It was a game where you designed robots and then had battles between them.

Anybody have the original Lemmings or J-Bird?