Race fans - who is going to retire?

On the radio this morning I heard that a veteran NASCAR driver will be announcing his retirement today. Has anybody else heard this? Any speculation on who it will be? My guess is Ken Schrader.

I actually haven’t heard anything about it.

My guess Is Dave Marcis.

I know the only reason why he was still racing the past few years as an independant was becasue of the lifelong freindships he’s made in the garage. His most ardent supporter and close friend was Dale Earnhardt, and without him around he may find it hard to muster the resources he needs. Also his inability to make it into the Daytona 500 as well as only making the grid in a handful of races in the previous season may have made him finally think about hanging up the Nomex.

So? Did they announce their retirement? I’ve heard two conflicting reports, one that yes, Ken Schrader said he’s gonna retire, the other that no way, Ken Schrader said he’s not gonna retire.

NASCAR’s website is utterly useless.

I have been so out of the racing loop this season.

My guess is no one retired=.

Heck during yesterday’s “Bonus Pre-Race Coverage”(read: Rain Delay they talked about everything else under the sun and didn’t mention word one about anyone retiring.

I guess it was just a rumor.

I totally agree with you. It has been hard to find anything on there for a long time.

The rumor came from the Johnboy & Billy Big Show on Friday morning. A caller inquired about the rumor, Johnboy said he knew about it but wouldn’t say anything until it was officially announced. The weren’t on the air this morning. It is not so much that I care who it is at this point, just that it bugs me that I have incomplete information. Grrr.

Here’s the closest thing I could find, a quote from Rusty Wallace:

“I’d be lying if I said I haven’t though about it (retiring),” Wallace said. “I don’t need to race any longer, I enjoy racing. Patti (his wife) would probably be just as happy if I didn’t race at all right now, but this is what I do for a living. I’ve been pretty fortunate my whole life and have been real successful on the track and off the track. So I am going to continue on.”