Help Cranky Improve Her Fantasy NASCAR team!

I perpetually suck at Fantasy NASCAR. The last few years it’s because I don’t have the time or energy to keep up with racing news. I’m busy, damnit!

I’m off to a bad start already this season because 4 out of my 5 racers the first week were knocked out by that 17-car pileup at Daytona. If past patterns hold out, I will continue to stink and the other people in my fantasy group will wax me. This is somewhat humiliating, since I’m the only one among them who knew jack about racing before we started this a few NASCAR seasons ago.

So… you NASCAR fans and RPM watchers… this where you come in. I get to reshuffle my lineup every week, if desired. I set up my first team on the fly, with no research. Now is time to get serious. Cranky’s reputation is at stake. I need to know who among the lower-profile drivers seem like good bets. These are ones I can pick up cheap, pointwise, but can deliver good bang for the buck. If they start doing well, their price will go up, but I’ll have them locked in at a cheaper price thanks to SDMB wisdom.

Who’s your favorite up-and-comer?

If you can stretch the ‘fantasy’ aspect far enough, you could pick Michael Schumacher. :wink:

Well…Don’t “pick up” Dale Earnhart for starters.

Come on now… that Earnhardt comment was uncalled for. :frowning:

But, speaking of Earnhardt, Childress named Kevin Harvick as the replacement driver for Dale’s #3. (although the paint scheme and number will be changed completely). If you can look past the awful circumstances surrounding this, this is a great opportunity for Harvick. He finished second at the Napa Auto Parts 300 this year (the Busch race at Daytona). He’s someone to keep an eye on.

Ricky Craven is another good sleeper. The team he’s on isn’t the greatest, but Craven’s a veteran and can be counted on to finish most of the races. I see a lot of top 20s from him but few top 10s.

For rookies, I like Casey Atwood. The Dodges look strong, and this kid’s got Bill Elliott as his teammate, and Ray Evernham as his boss. Can’t ask for much more than that. He shows a lot of promise as a driver too! He’s very young though and will probably make some mistakes.

I consider Michael Waltrip an up-and-comer too, believe it or not. Might want to grab him now, because this win was no fluke IMO. This is the best car Mikey’s ever had, and I think he’s going to make the most of it.

From your description of the game you’re playing, it sounds exactly like ESPN’s rpm stock car challenge game. If so, great! I’m playing it too, we can compare notes :slight_smile:

I got yer fantasy right here, Cranky

Thank you, Epistaxis. That’s exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for!! Yep, we’re doing ESPN. I scored something like 300-odd points for Daytona. 300 Points! I’m a laughingstock!

ricepad, figgers I don’t see you for months and this is the sort of help you offer… :wink:

I second the motion on Waltrip. He’s lost his best coach, though. Look what happened to Dale Jarrett once he got good equipment. And Ernie Irvin - anyone else remember when he was driving that light blue #2 car that got him nowhere?

That’s me all over…Mr. Reliable!

Well, I feel good that all my picks did reasonably well at Rockingham. Unfortunately it didn’t translate to success for my team, as I had Rudd and Earnhardt Jr. who both did real bad.

1132 points after two weeks.