Rachel Ray: terrorist

Dunkin Donuts has pulled an ad with Rachel Ray because Michelle Malkin accused her of wearing a terrorist scarf in the ad.

This pitting is actually more directed at Dunkin Donuts than at Malkin. Malkin is just an insane woman who sees terrorists behind every bush. Fuck DD for being this chickenshit over something this stupid, though. Krispy Kreme is better anyway.

Misleading thread title!! I came in here all gung ho to pit Ms. Ray.

I’m dumbfounded. Wow.

That’s ridiculous.

Is Che no longer chic?

eta: I guess not!

You can never be too careful. I’ve heard that you can make a bomb with simple household ingredients and a lot of her recipes have simple household ingredients.

That’s a scarf? It looks like one of the old rags from the garage that I use for dusting things.

You know who else enjoys food? Terrorists.

:mad: That does it, no more DD for me!

Until the next time I get the munchies for an ice-cream cone at 2am. Don’t really care for doughnuts, actually.

I despise Rachel “hear my intriguing little snot/giggle between every one of my sentences! I can’t talk without exclamation points!.. I know all the men want to do me!” Ray, but even I can’t call her a terrorist.

It’s just a scarf–looks terrible with that top, btw.

The terrorists have won.

Shoot, I was hoping Rachael Ray would finally be put on the no fly list and that anyone who says “Evoo” would get sent straight to Guantanamo.

Osama Bin Laden’s next video release is going to show him using an iPod.

Nice knowing you, Apple.

Indeed they have.

If one of us – say me for example – had made this shit up – something along the lines of "Next thing you know, conservatives will be attacking women who wear scarves as “supporting tha terrorists!” people would say I had gone over the top. People would ask me to be reasonable. People would say I needed to be more fair-minded.

This is beyond stupid.

Dude, what the FUCK? It’s around her fucking NECK. She’s not wearing it over her head.

According to Wikipedia this might be seen as a symbol of solidarity with the Palestinian cause:


But, they give no citations.

Or the Australian armed forces

The SAS (and other British Army units) wear the kaffiyeh (round the neck, over the head or covering their faces) when they’re on desert maneouvers… bloody terrorists. I believe they picked it up from the Bedouin during the second world war.