Racially offensive commerical for MSN?

So I’m sitting at home this morning, giggling over the cleverness of Charles Osgood and trying to recover from Saturday Night, when a commercial comes on.

A young Asian woman meets a young Asian man outside of an Asian house (I want to say Japanese, but the art inside looked Chinese. I was tired, it was 30 seconds long. Forgive me). She walks him inside.

The Father and the Mother of the Young Woman don’t look happy. F looks very unhappy when he sees YM holding the YW’s hand.

But then the clever young man sees a plasma screen computer, hops on the net and shows the F his stock portfolio. The father is instantly pleased and surprised and nods his blessing.

Aside from the obvious “Asians are good with money” stereotype and the fact that in the end the father is basically whoring his daughter out to the most sucessful guy, thoughout the commerical there are what I can only describe as Japanese samuri noises of surprise, disgust and finally, acceptance.

Has anyone out there who is Asian seen this little beauty? Anyone agree with me? I tend to be a bit sensitive about racial issues (understatement…) and Asian issues in particular, but this is just ridiculous.

Get help.

No more offensive than the thousands of other Asian stereotypes that perpetuate the media in our society. Sure, it was stupid, but I wouldn’t call it offensive, ok maybe mildly offensive (since you were offended by it), but not offensive enough to have them yank off the air.

I haven’t seen the commercial, so I couldn’t comment on the samurai type speech patterns, but the rest of it just sounds like the old stereotype of a father wanting the most sucessful breadwinner for his little princess.

I just thought it made no sense. Advertising dollars would be of better use if set aflame in Bill Gates’ fireplace IMHO.

I’ve seen it, and racism never crossed my mind. I thought it was pretty pathetic because the guy felt he had to “buy” dad’s approval - that’s an unnecessary stereotype in any society. Overall, I wasn’t impressed by the ad…

It mostly made me feel bad since my stock portfolio suffered as a result of the tech slump last year. Just what did that guy invest in to have sustained growth like that?

remember that commercial for McDonald’s where you see two white guys go into McDonald’s and order burgers but get to see Ronald the clown?

That pisses me off because it shows obviously stereotypes about white guys eating meat and doing drugs! (how else do they see the clown??).

But seriously, stop reading so damn much into commercials. You don’t like the commercial, don’t buy the product.

I am of the belief that good advertising should be rewarded, and bad advertising punished.

My girlfriend is Asian, and based on what I have learned about Asian culture, the situation presented in the commercial is pretty accurate. Of course, it will not be for every person, but I’d be willing to bet that most Asians watching that commercial will say to themselves “how typical.” The idea of “status” as well as educational and family background plays a larger role in Asian society than American when it comes to finding a mate. I think the commercial taps into that.

I think you already see that this is an over-reaction. That’s good.

It’s the sound effects. That was a bad, bad decision.

The first time I saw it, I thought that something was wrong here. The second time, I had the television on mute, and it looked like a cute commercial (boy wins dad’s heart by showing “I’ve got cash!”).

But then, with the sound back on it turns them into really nasty asian stereotype caricatures. It didn’t bring to mind the universal situation that I think they were going for, instead it was reminiscent of those evil-random-asian-villan-arent-they-strange-and-bad movies from earlier last century, which I don’t think they meant to have me associate with MSN Money.

You watch commercials??

I agree with amarinth. What the commercial is saying isn’t specifically racist. However, the trappings of the commercial are reminiscent of 1950’s-style Charlie Chan stuff. Of course, now we’re all post-modern and stuff, so maybe this is a hipper-than-thou parody, aimed at teenagers who get the double-reversal of presenting something racist in an over-the-top manner so both the attitude and the… blah blah blah. Who knows?

Actually, I noticed a couple of recent commercials where the black guy is made the butt of the joke. One is that cereal commercial where the black guy needs milk, and notices a cow in the field. He goes out to milk it, and in the kitchen, one white person says, “Are you gonna tell him that’s a boy cow?” and the other white person says, “He’ll figure it out.” The other one is for Taco Bell, I think, with the three guys doing the “We will rock you” beat with their elbows and crunching the food. At the end, the two white guys look at the black guy and say, “You have cheese on your face.” “You big disgrace.”

I can’t decide if this is true color-blindness, that the butt of the joke is chosen at random, and in these cases it happens to be the black guy. I know I wouldn’t want to be the advertising executive who greenlighted these suckers…

On the Taco Bell commercial, it would have been infinately better if they said “You’ve got cheese on your face.” “You big disgrace.” and the first guy then said “You’re gettin that cheese all over the place.”

But maybe it’s just me.


Frighteningly enough, Homer, I think that every time I see that commercial!

That Raisin Bran Crunch commercial makes me think…is there such a thing as a boy cow?

And, I saw nothing about blackness as joke-butting in that and the Taco Bell ad. I also see nothing about the MSN ad. Now if it was some stereotypical Oriental song like dukka-dukka-dukka-doo-doo-doo, I’d see something.

God, I bet if you were living in the early 1950’s and saw someone wearing a red shirt, you would call the police to arrest this obvious communist for crimes against the government.

I’ll just basically agree with everyone else by saying, lighten the hell up.

[sarcasm]I suppose in a perfect world the only people who will be allowed to be represented as less than ideal are 18-35 year old white males.[/sarcasm]

Face it, in this ad the Asian father is displaying a rather shallow criteria for judging mates for his daughter. The protective and intrusive father routine is a common punchline to various shows and movies which involve every race. The commercial isn’t trying to justify or condemn the attitude (and why should it), instead its trying to show the usefulness and features of its product in a memorable way. Unfortunately Asian people, just like every other race, are capable of being flawed. Those flaws are fair game for parody.

I’d make the same retort to the mention of the Raisin Bran Crunch commercial and the Taco Bell commercial. They are showing a group of friends comprised of multiple races. Instead of you race-baiters taking this as a positive thing, it showing colorblind representations of positive friendships where any character is equally available to teasing or praise, you focus on the fact that, gasp, the black guy is being teased!!! The problem isn’t with the ad, its with the people watching with a chip on their shoulder. Frequently what a person takes from a commercial or show has alot more to do with the viewer than with the presentation.

For those of you bashing these commercials, what was your reaction to the Budweiser commercial parodying the “Whazzzzup” guys. The commercial shows 2 or 3 white guys and one Indian guy acting extremely geeking and uncool answering the phone saying in a nasally, Ivy League voice “What is Up?”. It then shows the black guys on a couch watching the commercial in horror. The message you could take is black guys = cool, white guys = uncool. I am a white male, and I find the commercial funny. Does that mean that it isn’t using race as a punchline? Probably not, am I a traitor to my race for being able to poke fun at myself, I sure as hell don’t think so.

The point being, if you see hateful messages or propogation of negative stereotypes in the media, take a minute to look in the mirror before crucifying it. Its possible that you’re the one who’s got the prejudice, not the media. Of course the media is often retarded as well. Just try and take a step back before reacting, make sure its not a case of “not seeing the forest for the trees”.

Sorry I don’t have the CD in front of me, but I can fill in a bit on the music. The Kodo Drummers of Japan (a phenomenal Taiko group) play something excruciatingly familiar to the soundtrack of the commercial. Let me know if anyone wants the name of the tune and I’ll get it for you.

I’ll add that the concept of the commercial disgusts me, but I never thought that it was slandering Asian’s per se.

This is a bad stereotype? No, bad stereotypes are like “Black males are all rapists.” People thinking that “Asians are good with money” can help you get a home loan.

The stereotype that has always bothered me was “Jews secretly rule the world and have all the money.” Now, I have many Jewish friends, as well as some relatives, and, if they rule the world OR have ANY money, they cover it up well. Although I suppose that’s part of the whole Great International Zionist Conspiracy’s plan. :rolleyes: