racism and rock music (avid rock fans please read)

Are there any examples of racism in rock or rock and roll music? If so, which songs? (Please don’t give the lyrics if they are racist or questionable)

Who has pushed hard for censorship in music? (Besides tipper gore)

Finally, why is there censorship in music? Just to protect the children? :smiley: :cool:

[Spinal Tap]

Marti: Is your music in any way racist?
David: We say “love your brother”…we don’t say it, really…
Nigel: We don’t literally say it.
David: No, we don’t say it…
Nigel: We don’t literally mean it
David: No, but, the message should be clear…
Nigel: We’re anything but racists.

[/Spinal Tap]

one of my favorite songs (but for different reasons)

check out the lyrics to “One in a Million” by G 'n R.

As a whole, I wouldn’t think so, as most metal bands are actually pretty damn liberal.

Why shouldn’t we post the lyrics? Otherwise, how will we know what we’re talking about?

Brown Sugar has been called racist. It certainly reinforces stereotypes.
From the last part of the song:
Brown Sugar, how come you dance so good?
Brown Sugar, just like a black girl should.

There have been calls for various kinds of censorship of rock music since the very beginning. Check out any comprehensive history of rock’n’roll.

Green Bean, the line is “How come you taste so good”.

There’s alot of “hate” music out there. All the Neo Nazi kids listen to it. I’m not gonna google it or post any links, don’t want to support those f’ers.

But it’s rock/punk, and sometimes country, and it’s out there without censorship. That’s how alot of the Neo Nazi groups get more kids to join - throw big concerts.

Check out “one in a million” by guns n’ roses.

Having just recently discovered power-metal and perusing some of the bands’ forums, there are a heck of a lot of racists who listen to this sort of music, particularly in Europe. None of the bands I listen to do anything but condemn racism, but there are quite a few metal bands that are openly racist and facist (I don’t understand why the two go together so much).

Axl claimed a number of times that One in a Million wasn’t about him, but was a representation of an attitude he’d heard from a lot of people. Take that for what you will.

Dan Quayle made a few speeches at the height of the Ice-T Cop Killa scandal, decrying WB for making money off a song that suggested killing police offficers. I don’t know if you’d say he pushed hard for censorship, though.

This quote from Total Guitar in June 2003 from someone who asked Axl in person doesn’t suggest that:


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