Racist, or Stupid? A Party Game

You might be familiar with the classic game, Drunk or Kid. If you aren’t, the rules are very simple. Players take turns telling amusing and usually embarrassing stories, and the other players have to guess if these stories occurred when the first player was drunk, or back when they were a kid.

Here on the Dope, we can play a variant of this game. Here’s a quote; was it made due to ignorance? Or racism?

Personally, I think it’s ignorance on the part of LAZombie, and racism on the part of the book’s author. But what about you? Agree? Disagree? Got any other examples we can discuss?

That post is not racism. It’s idiocy.

Ya know, a person can be both racist AND stupid.

I’ve found that to be almost 100% the case.

Yes. Racism requires stupidity.

You can be stupid and not racist, but you cannot be racist and not stupid.

Racism IS ignorance.

Is there a conspiracy theory that fucking idiot hasn’t embraced?

No, it’s not. Racists are not inevitably ignorant. Racism is naked self-interest and tribalism.

While I initially agreed with the assessment of “Stupid”, LAZombie has doubled down on both the racism AND the stupidity.

First, the racism. Since we are all being critical of the research paper he linked, LAZombie decided to find a source we would be forced to accept – clearly, since we are all racist against whites, he will need to produce a black citation.

Note that last line. Racist readings are climbing again!

But he ups the ante by doubling down on stupidity, too – because the very article he links disparages his original source, saying it has no basis in fact.

That’s not true at all. Being smart does NOT preclude you from being racists.

Started a thread about this very thing several years ago here

Agreed. Self-centered assholes, sometimes ignorant/stupid as well, all the above, etc. Venn diagram needed.

…and, evidently, President.

LAZombie is successfully trolling you. That is all. As long as anyone engages, he wins. Stop engaging.

I have had him on ignore for quite a while, so I don’t have to see his stupid garbage. But I was still in the mood to fling shit at him anyway. He deserves it.

I have one from him that is not racist, but is magnificently stupid…

Once, in a Kavanaugh thread, he was arguing that Dr. Ford lied about adding an extra door to her house. To support this argument he linked to a article that said the exact opposite of what he was claiming (Palo Alto building permit backs up Ford’s testimony) and implored us to read the comments.

Well, someone can be both drunk and a kid but the original game still works.

To add further confusion, there are stupid ideas of what racism even is. Not to mention racist ideas of what stupidity is.

Sometimes I fantasize that one of these stupid racists will be slapped into admission like in the famous movie scene: “I’m a racist … I’m stupid … I’m racist AND stupid!”

I guess it’s fair to say that racism and stupidity likely correlate quite a bit, while we can only hope that extreme youth and drunkenness don’t nearly as much.

Alright, fair enough. There is a certain amount of stupidity inherent to most if not all racists. The question should read, “Racist AND Stupid, or Just Stupid?”. I think under these criteria, LAZombie’s first post was mostly just stupid, but the second post brings out the racism beneath to the forefront – while also being EVEN STUPIDER.