Racist swim club to declare bankruptcy

You probably remember the brouhaha last summer, when a suburban Philly swim club disinvited a group from a city day camp, allegedly because most of the kids from the camp are black and Hispanic. Well, the club is getting ready to declare bankruptcy.

That’s one way to avoid a lawsuit, I guess.

They claim they’ve been having money problems for years, which I buy, and I guess they just didn’t figure racism in the budget. Lawyer fees and bad publicity most likely set them over the edge.

So running a business in Philadelphia that doesn’t serve black people is isn’t a wise move? Who could have predicted that?

Read the comments to the news article twickster posted. So far, 2/3 of the comments are racist in intent. The problem still does not go away with a bankruptcy.

To be fair, there are only three comments :slight_smile: