radio advice

i would like to know if i can take any old boombox type radio and remove the stock anteena some how and use the car antenna to get better reception.

If you’re talking about FM reception, it depends. FM is line of sight, so if there’s a mountain between you and the station you want to listen to, you may not gain anything at all. That’s why you get better reception at different locations as you move. Simple answer, try moving the receiver around to different locations first.

yes… there’s no need to remove the stock antenna… just extend the car antenna … you want to use/connect the centre conductor of the cars antenna cable.

probably not. FM antennas are by necessity a compromise; when dealing with RF transmission it’s best when your transmitting and receiving antenna are at an even fraction of the carrier wavelength. Problem is that (at least in North America) the FM radio band goes from 87.9 MHz to 108.0 MHz. A simple mast antenna (which is what the telescoping thing a boombox has, and what a lot of cars have) is by necessity a compromise. It’s even more of a compromise when the same antenna is expected to pick up AM stations.

one thing to try is if your boombox has a telescoping antenna, if you’re trying to improve reception try shortening the antenna when you’re trying to receive stations higher in the FM band.

the boombox AM antenna is inside.

the boombox telescoping rotatable FM antenna is far better than any car antenna.

aiming and adjusting length is important.