Radio Margaritaville

I hopped in a rental car in Winnipeg last weekend. It had Sirius satellite radio and I flipped for a few minutes until I found this channel.

Listen, I’m not a huge Jimmy fan, but I like his music. I listened to this station for the better part of a week and loved it. It was about 70% Jimmy and 30% really neat other stuff. The thing is, most Jimmy stuff was recorded live, and he sings about a million songs live that I didn’t even know about.

My current car doesn’t satellite radio; my next car probably will, by default.

Bring on the Radio Margaritaville. You Parrot-Heads!

SiriusXM (FTR, I have XM so the channels are a bit different) has some really great stations. If you liked Jimmy’s station, you’d probably also like Jam_On. Nothing but Jam music, though lately it’s become anything live and over 5 minutes so they’ve been sneaking in a lot of Dave Matthews and Red Hot Chili Peppers (this was even before Bonnaroo). The Coffee House is all acoustic which might appeal to you as well. Also, and this might be a bit far, but I know there’s some crossover between the two stations, The Joint (love the name) is all reggae.

I believe you can listen to the station online.