Radishes-- do you eat them? Do you like them?

Radishes are one of those foods that I want to like. They’re cute and red, easy to grow, cheap. But I haven’t developed an appreciation of them. I feel like I’m missing out.

What do you do with them besides slice them into salads?

There is a variety of radish called French Breakfast Radishes. They’re bigger than regular radishes and sort of elongated with more white than red on the outside. How do you work them into breakfast?

I love horseradish–are they related?

(Yeah, I could look this up in google, but I’m needing some lovin’, k?)

My wife baked some with a dinner not that long ago. Not sure what she did, but I liked them. Of course I was the only one, so I’ll probably never see them again.

I also have them sliced in salads, and I’ve seen (but never tried) them sold in “ready to steam” bags.

I like them in my salad, but seldom buy them because I only need one or two and end up throwing the rest away. I just hate wasting them.

I like most radishes but my favorites are the long, white, icicle radishes. They are very mild and delicious and very hard to find.


I eat and like them, yes.

Especially the pickled radishes at a taco truck at like 2:30 am.

Put some plain red salad radishes on a plate. Put a little salt on the plate. Touch a radish to the salt. Eat it. Repeat.

I grew up watching my dad eat radishes like that. Consequently, that’s how I eat them. I don’t eat them too often, but when I do, that’s the only way.

I’ve been told that eating plain radishes with a little salt like that is common in France. My paternal great grandfather was French, so maybe that’s how it came down to me.

I also love horseradish. Not the white “horseradish sauce” stuff. Plain old prepared horseradish (which I think is just ground horseradish, vinegar, and salt). Put that on a sandwich, and it’ll clear your head right good.

I don’t know how – or if – horseradish is related to red salad radishes.

You can eat them with bread, butter, and salt.

Are they related to horseradish? Well, they are in the same family (Brassicaceae) - but then again so are cabbage, broccoli, and mustard.

Radishes on tacos are excellent, as they have a bit of heat to them, and the flavor works well. They used to tear up my stomach, though, and make your burps smell like a rotting corpse.

They’re also quite good in beef stew.

I read this too quickly after ChefGuy’s comment and thought “Rotting corpses ARE good in stew…mmmmm”

Thanks, all! With bread and butter? Interesting. I never thought of putting them in tacos, but I can see where they’d add a little kick. Pickled sounds great!

Only after being soaked in brine and vinegar for an hour or so, to remove the tanginess.

I’ve always enjoyed them raw and plain (they’re always something I take at the salad bar).

I like the idea of using them in beef stew. I’ll have to try that.

I also eat them raw, with a little salt, like Bayard, Bayard’s dad, and apparently lots of French people. And in salads, of course. My mother would often put radishes on vegetable trays, along with carrot sticks and celery sticks. I sometimes take a little container of radishes and carrot sticks to work to snack on, as a healthier alternative to chips or a candy bar.

I always eat radishes raw. The notion of baked or steamed radishes seems deeply weird to me.

Great big bunches of radishes always show up at the farmers market here because they’re the first thing to grow. Afraid I don’t like them, though I can carve a radish rose that would win first prize. I’ve heard bread, butter, and radishes is a common way to eat them in France.

Even better if you sprinkle a little lemon juice on the raw, cut-up radishes.

I don’t dislike them, but am not a fan either – find them rather dull. I’ve only had them as part of a mixed salad; reckon some suggestions in this thread, worth following up.

I eat them raw, by themselves or in tossed salads or as a garnish to various dips and spreads.

One of my favorite noshing vegetables, somewhere below carrots but above celery and cucumber.

I like roasted radishes, mix with olive oil, salt and pepper, roast for 10 minutes at 450f. They have a nutty, more mellow taste.

I love radishes, both raw and as an ingredient in cooking. I make an amazing Penne Arrabiatta using some grated radish as one of about a zillion ingredients.