Raed's Blog?

Okay, dunno if this is the right place to post this, but before the war started, and durring it, I found interresting insight in reading the ‘Where is Raed?’ Blog. http://dear_raed.blogspot.com/
Now that the war is over, I went back and realized it’s been a good month since there’s been an update there. This brings to mind two possibilities. 1) Raed is dead. I somehow doubt this, but you never know. (note- I don’t doubt this becase I do believe-) 2) It was all a mock-up to do good ‘PR’ for the war. I’d -like- not to think this, but it seems a little too pat. I won’t go into a long list over it, I’m just wondering if anyone has any info as to the validity of all this?

Sorry, I can’t help. I check once in a while just to see if it’s been updated, but it hasn’t gone past March 24th. That was when the big sandstorm slowed things down, and the 3rd ID was still 100 miles from Baghdad. I really hope somebody can shed some light on what happened to Salam Pax. I’d like to believe it wasn’t just a “mock-up”, also.