Rage at the Grocery store...

Why is it, every FUCKING time I go to the grocery store, I invariably encounter some fucking family that felt the need to bring EVERYONE in the family to the store.

To put it another way, when did a trip for groceries turn into a FUCKING FAMILY VACATION?

Leave your goddamned kids at home. No one wants to hear them scream like they’ve been stuck with a hot branding iron because you won’t buy them sugary junk or the No-Panty Barbie.

Whatever happened to make a list and send one person? For fuck’s sake, you can call them or text them if you left something off the list. But leave grandma, grandpa, cousin Cletus, aunt Gladys and ALL your kids at home.

By the way, the sample stations at Costco are not a FUCKING LUNCH COUNTER. If you block the aisle with your cart because you’re getting a piece of polska kielbasa on a piece of sourdough, I’m going to read-end it like a semi hittiing a bicycle.

There should be millions more abortions and mandatory sterilization for people this stupid.

This is going to end well

Isn’t COSTCO aimed at families? What are you doing shopping there?

The pit is for rants, right?

This is my rant. You should put me on your ignore list.

Great, another child-hater. In my opinion, they are lower scum than racists.

That doesn’t mean you have to drag them all there to shop. It’s not Chucky Cheese FFS. It’s not a playground and it’s not a soup kitchen. It’s not day care and it’s not a pediatrician’s office.

You don’t need to make Costco a vacation spot.

Yep, I’m a child hater.

Breeders are lower scum than almost anything. You breed 'em, you feed 'em.

Hence, the visit to Costco. Anyway, The place is nuts, kids or no kids. I don’t share your frustration.

They’re trying. But you keep hitting their shopping carts and bruising the produce.

Not your rant, so that’s ok. I stand by what I wrote. Every post.

I’ve also taken to making sure if I have to fart or burp, I make it as loud as I can, in the presence of children. If nothing else, I want to be a bad influence.

We are feeding 'em. What do you think we’re doing at Costco anyway?

Taking a family vacation, from the look of it.

Well, I’m not quite so harsh. :wink:

I am not a fan of the yelling child, nor is anyone but really this is so simple to solve on your part it doesn’t deserve a pit.

If you run into a group of (loud kids|drunk frat boys|smelly hippies|zombies) just reverse your pattern, if they are in produce go start with meat. Maybe you skip some rows and double back if it bothers you or shop at night.

There are tens of thousands of square feet here begging to be used as a buffer and I personally think teaching a kid how to shop is a valid use case for a small portion of it…

Sorry, I think it did. I wanted to rant and I did. I wanted to offend breeders and I did. Mission accomplished.

Why bother? If experience is any guide, you’ll be banned by the end of the month.

I give this rant a 2 out of 10. I’m sure you could do much, much better than this boring, overdone, entitled prick rant.

Got any knee pads? You need to blow me.

What, because I offended you? :dubious: