Rage at the Grocery store...

Is the OP even for real? Smells funny.

My rant was better.

To be fair to the OP and to his critics, it’s true that sometimes you can’t just leave the kids at home if you’re a single parent, or your partner is at work and you can’t afford a sitter, or you can’t go shopping while the kids are at school for whatever reason.

That argument breaks down when both parents are at the store and they have half a dozen screaming rugrats with them. Kids, especially kids who are too little to help do the shopping, are going to go nuts at the store - it’s full of strangers and shiny objects they’re not supposed to touch and they’re supposed to just follow you quietly for an hour. At least discipline them when they act up! My parents would have killed me if i’d started screaming and running around the aisles and touching everything and not looking where I was going before I almost get flattened by an 8,000 lb. forklift.

No. Because it appears that you found a new toy and don’t know how to play with it. It happens all the time around here.

…what the hell is a no panty Barbie?
Anyways, the kids aren’t the worst thing about people in the grocery store. And trust me here, the piercing shriek that small children make cuts through me right to the bone. No, the adults are far worse.

You’re starting to get onto something when you mention blocking the aisle. Frankly, nothing raises my ire more than the jerk that decides, hey, the best place in this aisle to park my cart is sideways right in the middle. Surely no one else will need to pass by here as I am the only person on this earth. Fuckers.

Is the store air-conditioned? That might be your answer.

I’m going to start missing the OP now, so when the inevitable happens I shall remain stoic and shed no tears.

Ah, so the purpose of your rant was not in fact to blow off steam, but rather to offend people.

I’m sure there are other boards that you may wish to peruse, once you are banned from this one for trolling.

You’re right, your rant IS better. If i could post images, I’d post the “not worthy” icon.:smiley:

Sure, it’s natural to get annoyed when kids are acting up. I get annoyed when my own kid is acting up (and I try to put a stop to it). But that’s different from hating a child on sight, before he’s done anything at all.

It’s such a timesaver, though.

I want to know more about the no panty Barbie.

Ohhhh, we’re back in high school now, are we? Nice come back. NOT!

I agree. And it’s not really the kid’s fault, it’s the parents. Hate them.

I suspect she/it is the OP’s girlfriend substitute.

I don’t think the OP has left yet.

I was out in the back making fire and putting meat on the smoker. Real caveman stuff. Ooga Booga.

Large quantities of bargain-priced meat??

Hey now, pick on the OP, he deserves it but the Costco butchers do a great job for the price.

Which was my point exactly. The OP wants his cake but he wants to eat it, too. If he wants to get the absolute best-bargain in his shopping, he better be willing to put up with the collateral headaches.

Yeah, OP, we know.


I don’t think he hates the kids; they’re doing what kids do naturally and that’s act like apes. He hates the parents that won’t put their little apes on a leash and teach them how to behave in public.