Rage at the Grocery store...

Children should be eaten, but not heard. :wink:

No, he hates grocery shopping.

Like you say, Ken finds it a great time saver.

Too bad Ken doesn’t have a penis.

It’s retractable. Like Crissy’s hair.

I keep thinking the thread title says “Rape at the grocery store.”

But seriously, who has time for raping when Costco has so many delicious free samples available?

Edit: That sounds even worse than it was meant to. I think I just revolted and impressed myself.

Dear OP,

Go to www.peapod.com. Get groceries delivered to your house.

Oh, and also get herpes and butt warts, because you sound like a turd.


They don’t deliver in most zip codes.

And leash your damned anklebiters and make them behave if you can’t get someone to babysit them.

I come from a long line of parents. It’s sort of a family tradition.

Herpes. And butt warts.

I predict a very short stay for the [del]sock[/del] OP. Trust me, I’m [del]psychotic[/del] psychic.

Oooh, oooh, who is it? I wanna know…:cool:

It sounds a bit like someone we’ve seen before… Repeatedly. I’ll let the mods make the call, though. I wouldn’t know which already banned user name to blame…

5f4super, you are my hero.

You feed 'em, you love em. You love em, you keep em. You keep em, you teach em. You teach em, you leave `em.

If mom and dad both work full-time, sending either mom or dad would deprive them of a couple hours of each other’s company. Why should they put the comfort of total strangers ahead of some valuable togetherness time? Also, if they buy heavy shit or need someone to reach the top shelf, dad’s better equipped to load and lift it than mom (whereas she may be better equipped to bargain-shop, make a list, and stick to it). Basically, I think this is partly cultural, and may also be linked to socioeconomic status. Large families with a shitload of kids are not known for their prosperity. A trip to Costco might be the most exciting family event of their entire week, as well as an excuse to get Uncle Cletus some exercise. Smaller, prosperous families can send the hired help to do their shopping (or get their groceries delivered). And for families who can afford a stay-at-home-mom, she can shop alone during the day while hubby is at work and the kids are at school.

Aside from this, there are people (like my mom) who *insist *on bringing the entire family grocery shopping because… I don’t fucking know why. But all throughout my childhood and late-teens, she dragged me and my sister to the grocery store *every goddamn week *(and indeed, even when I moved back in with her after dropping out of college in my early 20s). I begged her to just give me a list and let me do the shopping, but she wouldn’t allow it. And she wouldn’t go by herself. I suspect it’s partially a control issue and partially motivated out of some “family togetherness” bullshit, because I and my sister were quite capable of staying home alone (we were latchkey kids since I was 11).

No, the OP just gets mad every time he sees somebody with a child because it reminds him that other people have had sex at some point during their life.

No, because you joined the Dope just recently and conveniently know one of the few topics that will start a whole war. You are obviously a sock and a troll.

That’s the reason why there’s not a fight here–everyone can tell what you are. And it’s just a matter of time before the mods have enough to prove it.

IN general, decent human beings don’t treat humans, no matter what age, as animals.