Ragu- The spaghetti sauce for kids who have just watched their parents have sex

I saw this commercial on TV the other day, and I still can’t believe it is saying what I think it is saying. Is there another interpretation of the commercial?

Perhaps he saw Mom with beauty cream all over her face.

I notice that while the dad makes an appearance at the end of the commercial, mom is forever hidden from view in her sexual shame. Hussy.


No, seriously… :eek:!


The hell? Is that a real commercial?

That, sadly, is the correct interpretation.

I can’t believe I’m actually agreeing with a YouTube commenter, but he was right when he mentioned the ad should have been for Prego.

I didn’t believe it either.

But I checked and I found it’s part of a series.

Who is this aimed at? The kids? The parents? Who would feel moved to buy Ragu because of these? Is the association that he just saw mom’s lips around a limp piece of spaghetti?

Maybe he saw his dad earn his red wings and wants to simulate the experience.

Somewhere, an ad exec is crowing to his client that we all are discussing the shittiest pasta sauce this side of ketchup. Mission accomplished, I’d say.

It’s not parody? WTF?

Watching them stir that sauce combined with the mental image I had does not make me want to buy Ragu. In fact, I may not be able to look at tomato sauce again with the same innocence I once had. Then they show the dad openning the jar and breaking pasta into water. Did he wash his hands first?

That’s my thinking as well. Its going to be all over facebook, people are talking about it, etc.

And Prego has got to feel totally scooped by this!

Console yourself in the fact that the smell of Ragu is much better than the smell of fishy red cottage cheese that comes cascading out of a woman’s vagina.

If I had little kids running around the house “ragu night” would now be our new code word.

Maybe mommy was on the ragu.


A french bread stick would soak it right up.

Do people still break pasta in half? That is so 1950’s.

Their next one will be mom walking in on junior wanking- Times like this call for Ragu Alfredo Sauce

Did you really have to pick a white sauce? :eek: