Rahm Emanuel question: Can Orthodox Jews work at Arbys?

Rahm Emanuel has the most famous amputated fingertip in the world. My question is can Orthodox Jews work at Arbys? I seem to remember a lot of liquid cheese being squirted on those roast beef sandwiches. Or is Arbys okay since it is roast beef heavy and they have very few (Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich) pork dishes?

What about observant Jews and Muslims preparing pork in general? Last season on Top Chef, there was a Muslim chef, but she got kicked off before there was any challenge involving pork products.

Bonus question: do the Arbys employees really slice all that roast beef on site? I would have thought they just shipped it in pre-sliced.

I am not Jewish, so I won’t comment on dietary law.

I worked for Rax, an Arby’s competitor in the upper Midwest and Pennsylvania before it went belly-up in the 1990s. We not only sliced the roast beef, but would do so as we made the sandwiches. I’m sure Arby’s does the same.

Is there a distinction between *eating *unkosher food and *handling *it? Can an Orthodox Jew raise pigs, as long as he doesn’t eat them?

Yes, and no.

There is a distinction between eating unkosher food and merely handling it, but the pig is special, and an observant Jew is forbidden from raising pigs, even if he doesn’t eat them.

It would be a problem if Arby’s used beef from a cow and cheese made from milk. Luckily . . . .

Most of the dietary laws are phrased in terms of eating, but the meat-and-dairy thing is “thou shalt not cook…”, so presumably a Jew observant of the dietary laws would not be allowed to work as a cook at Arby’s. I’ll leave it to those more knowledgeable than I to say whether a Jew would be allowed to make a non-dairy ham sandwich for a gentile, or whether a Jew could work as a cashier at Arby’s.

Rax isn’t totally belly-up, but since there was a grand total of 903 visitors to the site when I went there, belly-up may be right around the corner.

When I worked for the company, they were at their peak with more than five hundred locations. Now they have about a dozen - only two of which are corporate owned.

It’s as close to gone as you can get without actually being gone.

The question here is may I, an observant Jew, work at a place selling non-kosher food? Would I be allowed to sell non-kosher food specifically to someone Jewish? There is a prohibition against helping someone Jewish to violate Jewish law, even if that person does not care.

Therefore, I can’t ask a non-observant Jew to turn off my light in the fridge after the Sabbath starts. Nor can I ask a non-observant Jew to adjust the temperature on my crock pot. And so on . . .

The same question came up many years ago, when my mother went to donate food after Hurricane Agnes devastated our area (1972). Since we did not know who would eventually get the food, would we be allowed to buy and donate anything, or did we need to donate only kosher food? Our Rabbi told us to donate kosher food only. (My mother noted this when she took the bags in, and told the lady there that the food was kosher, in case anyone asked specifically for kosher food.)

I’d completely forgotten about Rax. It was here in South Carolina also. I remember liking it quite a lot - didnt’ they have good milkshakes?

There was a Rax in my ol’ college town - long since closed. It always struck me as a downmarket Arby’s wannabe. If I had a choice between the two, I’d always go to Arby’s. Don’t remember anything about Rax milkshakes… but there’s nothing better than an Arby’s jamocha shake!

Very good for the time - we topped ours with whipped cream and a cherry, something other fast-food places were not doing at that time.

I’m sure other places have passed Rax in milkshake technology and selection since.

Aren’t threads like this traditionally posted on Saturday?

God I miss Rax’s BBC.

I miss my waistline, too.

I wonder if there’s any connection?

Usually right around sunset on Friday, actually.

Doesn’t seem to matter tho. Our experts haven’t arrived yet.

They’ll notice it as they shut down their computers Friday afternoon. (“Lessee, do I have time to answer this?”)

That made me poop myself just thinking about it.

I would argue that Jerry Garcia and Tommi Iommi probably win this.

OK, I give. Enlighten me as to these three guys and their missing fingertips.:rolleyes:

Rahm Emmanuel chopped off a fingertip while working the slicer at Arby’s when he was a teenager.

Tony Iommi sliced off a couple of fingertips on his fret hand while working factory job before he hit it big (well hit it medium anyway) with Black Sabbath. He has played with plastic, prosthetic fingertips ever since.

I don’t know the Jerry Garcia story.

Well, the local fast food chain, Rush’s, always did. The guy who founded it died a few weeks ago and they had to hold the funeral in the convention center.