Arby's is back!

I saw several TV ads-they are now saying that they use real meat (smoked brisket)! I remember when they served something resembling vulcanized rubber. Has anyone had a sandwich at the NEW Arbies? Is it good?

Ralph, do you mean the fast food chain Arbys?

Do you mean Arby’s? I don’t think they’ve changed what they serve-just the way they describe it. The Smokehouse Brisket is just a new sandwich they are currently promoting.

No, it is a new product. Their regular menu has been based around roast beef (although they’ve also served chicken, turkey, and corned beef). This is smoked beef, which is new for them.

I’ve had it a couple times. It’s good quality for a fast food sandwich.

Today’s thread is brought to you by Arby’s — technically, it’s food.

(Apologies to Jon Stewart.)

Love me some rubberized roast beef!

All correct. Arby’s original roast-beef sandwiches haven’t changed. What the new ads are touting is a new (limited-time only) “Smokehouse Brisket” sandwich.

It kinda is good, isn’t it? Especially with the horseradish mayo.

I thought the Smokehouse Brisket was horrible – dry and fibrous, without any redeeming taste (and they put fried onion bits on it). I like the “old” roast beef sandwiches though, especially the “Beef and Cheddar,” even though it likely contains little of either…

I tried the Smokehouse Brisket and have to agree with TimeWinder rubbery, dry, fibrous and very fatty. I did like the onion bits and sauce though.

Good ( moist ) brisket is actually rather tough to do. I don’t think the genuine product is really possible in a fast-food restaurant in anything but the worst LCD way.

By contrast burgers or even sliced roast beef is heck of a lot easier to pull off to at least acceptably mediocre standards.

Disclaimer: I haven’t tried this product, nor eaten at an Arby’s in over a decade ( they aren’t local to me these days ), but I do recall kinda liking their sandwichs as a kid.

I’m really not a snob about this sort of thing, but seriously, there’s no way I’m getting “smokehouse brisket” from Arby’s the same way I’m never going to get “pulled pork” from Burger King. Blech!

Terence Trent D’?

Awhile back they had ads making a big deal about their meats being sliced on site, rather than sliced at the meat packing plant. Now they are making a big deal about the how long the brisket is smoked, but they don’t say anything about where it is smoked.

I just don’t understand why I would go to Arby’s for smoked brisket. They should just stick with their core product and improve it, or at least get it back to my memories of how good it used to be. I mean, it was pretty good once upon a time, wasn’t it? I recall liking it in the early-to-mid-80s, but I was a kid back then. Maybe my tastes have changed. Every year I give Arby’s another chance, and every year I’m reminded why I don’t go there. You want a reasonable chain restaurant roast beef sandwich? Try Anderson’s beef-on-weck. But that’s all Buffalo area, so far as I know (unfortunately.)

You laugh, but look at the ACTUAL slogan for Rally’s: “You gotta eat.” How sad and horrible is that? “Well, you need calories to continue living, and that’s what we’ve got. Come on in.”

I don’t make beef brisket that often, but that’s something that stood out in the ad. Pork in a smoker is very forgiving, you can keep it in there for hours beyond what’s needed and it will usually still be really tasty. Beef brisket however, too much time in there is a bad thing as it will dry out and be, well, fibrous and rubbery. It’d be like an Outback advertising their new steak on the barbie cooked for 7 hours straight.

America’s Roast Beef, Yes Sir!

I haven’t been to Arby’s in at least two decades. Which, now that I’m thinking about it, is amazing. There used to be a chain similar to Arby’s called Rax, which I recall enjoying. But I can’t recall even seeing one of those since I graduated, so I don’t know if they exist anymore.

Dont know how good it is now, but I prob wouldnt be interested after all the rubberbeef and plasticcheez sandwiches I ate there when I was younger and stupider.

They are down to 14 stores, in Ill, WV, Ken. and Ohio.