Raiden wins. Flawless victory.

A quasi friend of mine died this morning. He got struck by lightning yesterday. WTF, who dies that way?

I love the fact that when an acquaintance of yours died, you managed to turn it into a Mortal Kombat reference. Now I want to die in an unusual manner.

I’ve also never known anyone who was killed by a bolt of lightening. Judgement of the Gods, maybe? =O

fake edit: Wait. My friends Mum was talking on the phone during a thunderstorm and was electrocuted. It happened twice, which I think is rare.

It might be difficult to arrange getting your spine ripped out.

Yeah, now whenever someone says “You’re more likely to get hit by lightning”, it’s not going to be quite as reassuring. Guy was like 6’5 and in a clear field, though.

Sorry for the loss, but I DO love the Mortal Kombat reference.

I’d love to be more comforting right now, but it’s simply not in me.

I’m an ass.

Weird thing is I know several people who have been struck by lightening. None of them died. But one of the ones who was struck had three other people die around them. I didn’t know them.

I’m not really upset or anything, just shocked. First person close to my age that I’ve known to die.

Loach, he had two or three people with him as well. They were just messing around with a football.

Forgot to add: It must be REALLY wierd to be those other guys. If I were them, I would be wondering if I would still be alive had I been 5 or 6 inches taller.

S’okay. I’ve got a tank of liquid nitrogen, a hammer, and big plans.

And the award for most unfortunate turn of phrase goes to…


A young man from Topeka died while on a school trip in Colorado. There was no storm, the group was scattered about on a mountain field, and zap. I didn’t know him, but I’d seen him, he was a computer worker at the local Best Buy.

Shudder. Sorry about your friend.

Hm. This is true. That would be weird to grapple with.

So, what ARE you feeling, then?

As I unexpectedly, incidentaly inappropriately (I probably mispelled about 6 words in that sentence) said, “shocked”. It’s just wierd having someone I know die so young (30). The guy managed a bar, and just today a lot of people went to said bar and drank in his honor. We’re all young and I don’t think anyone really knows how to deal with it in a necessarily mainstream manner, just doing our thing.

Also, with the probably innapropriate humor in the title: my father taught me that one can not dwell on unfortunate events like this. They happen all the time, and if you are depressed/upset/etc… for too long a period of time, you’re pretty much always going to be upset. That was probably the best lesson he gave me as he died 5 years ago, and of course I was upset, but I got over it more quickly than most people would have because of his lesson. WHISKEY!

Well, in any case, good luck coping. It may or may not be a bunch of coping to go through, but it sounds like you guys are doing just fine so far.

We are. The fella that passed was one of those people that had tons, TONS of friends, but not too many very close friends from what I could tell. I suspect that his family are the only ones truly devastated by this, and my thoughts are with them. The whole thing is just so bizarre to me though, it’s nothing like a grandparent dying of cancer or even a young relative dying in a car wreck etc…

And for the curious:

BabaBooey writes:

> WTF, who dies that way?

About 75 people a year in the U.S. About 500 people a year around the world die from lightning. It kills more people than snow storms, tornadoes, or hurricanes. It’s second to floods as a natural disaster killer in the U.S.

Damn you, OP. My abs are sore as hell today from lifting weights and the belly laugh from reading the title and first post really, really hurt.
And, if I am going to die, I really wish it would happen by ninja-face-ripping-off-fire-breathing-finishing-movie means.