Railroad Tycoon 2

Just bought this game last night and I am loving it! I’ve always kind of wanted to set up a model railroad but I don’t have the space or the money or the time to do it. This game is perfect. Anyone else have it, play it, love it?

I have this for the Mac. Pretty good game, except that it won’t let me pause the damn thing to look around to figure routes, etc. (something that the manual [written for the PC version] suggests doing. GRRRR)

Trying the scenarios, such as supplying West Berlin before the Wall is erected, is an interesting challenge.

I was a HUGE fan of the original game, and RRT2 was a worthy (but not a great) sequel. I have spent countless hours with it.

As for the Mac question: The minus “-” key is what you use to slow it down in PC, but I am not sure with Mac. Also you can go to Options and change the speed of the game, including to 0 which pauses it.

Cool - thanks, man

I was always a fan of the 2 railroad tycoon games. There was another one that I liked even better, though. Same company made it, called Transport Tycoon. I’d like to find it again. In this one, you not only used trains, but trucks, buses, boats, airplanes, etc. to haul goods and people around.

Yep, I have RRT2 and the Second Century add on. Need to start playing again. I also have the original and the Deluxe versions. Unfortunately, it appears that Deluxe doesn’t like my system anymore.

Transport Tycoon is great. I also have TT Deluxe, which adds three additional game environments - sub-arctic, sub-tropical and silly. I like the original temperate envinroment because its easier to play than the others, which are more geared toward serving industries instead of the cities.

TT and TTD aren’t being made anymore, but I know they can be found on abandonware sites. I got TTD via eBay.