Anyone playing Space Colony?

What’s it like? I haven’t played the demo yet but it’s downloading right now. I just plunked down $50 on Railroad Tycoon 3 and am wondering if I should have bought Space Colony too.

No idea on Space Colony, but how’s Railroad Tycoon III?
I played RRT 2 a lot when it came out, and I’m wondering how the latest one compares in terms of updates, enhancements, scenerios, etc.

If good, that would be one game for my annual Thanksgiving PC game purchases (the other one is either Rise of Nations or Medieval: Total War)

In a word - amazing. Check out these screenshots! I’m still trying to figure out how to make money though, seems I need to adjust my playing style from the last one.

Not much in the way of scenarios but it still has the scenario editor so there should be plenty of fan-made ones on the way. I wish there was a way to convert RT2 maps though.

The most useful addition, at least I think it’s an addition, is to have the AI decide what cars to put on each train at any given station. You have say in how many total cars can be added but the AI will choose from what’s available to be picked up.

I looked at some reviews of Space Colony and I’ll download the demo tonight. Firefly Studios has me as a fan already after Stronghold and Crusader, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I pick up a copy of the game relatively soon.

SirRay - I’ve played both RoN and M:TW. Buy them both. :wink:

Come to think of it, I have a bunch of satellite image maps. I might actually have a use for them if RT3 is capable of importing grayscale images like RT2 was.

In regards to RRT 3, the screenshots are nice, but I’m wondering about playability - RRT2 had the three Part campaign (America, Europe, Asia/Africa/Australia), plus a number of stand-alone scenerios. Are you saying RRT3 doesn’t have this? (Yes, I know about custom scenerios, haveing played many of those too).
Looks like the scanned-in Walthers/LifeLike/Athern models that dominated RRT2 are gone now also.

Unfortunately, my budget will preclude buying RON AND RRT3 and M:TW, plus half a dozen other games I’d like to get…

(One fear about RON - the reviews I have read make it seem that someone took Age of Kings and Civ III, mixed them together, and produced a game that is less than the sum of it’s parts) :frowning:

Sorry, I forgot about this thread.

RRT3 does indeed have a campaign but I don’t know much about it. Sounds like it covers two centuries of rail travel in four parts (19th Century, WWI, WWII, and into the future).

The standalone scenarios have changed a bit from RRT2. Scenarios in RRT3 include England, France, Southeastern Australia, Eastern Canada, Eastern US (Chicago to NYC), Southeastern US, Mississippi Vally, Texas, Pacific Coast, and about 15 others. Guess I was used to having all those fanmade ones for RRT2. :slight_smile:

There’s also an internet multiplayer option.