Railway Empire and/or Rise of Industry - Anybody played these?

Anybody played these? I tried the demo for Rise of Industry last night and really enjoyed it. It is in EA though and I’m trying to avoid that. Railway Empires also looks like a fun transport tycoon type game.

Has anybody played this much? Any thoughts?

It sounds like Railway Empires might be a lot like Railway Tycoon. I loved Railway Tycoon.

I looked at the tutorial video and it might go into more details then are fun/needed. The hiring of employees looks annoying. As does the non-automatic Maintenance. But who knows what settings there are.

I ended up buying Rise of Industry because:

A - I’m a sucker for good quality tycoon games (or maybe it should just be “I’m a sucker. Full stop.”); and,
B - I really enjoyed the demo.

Railway Empires… the whole employee, sabotage-thing, looks like something I would not enjoy. I prefer tycoon competition to be a competition between the execution of the companies. Now, Rise of Industry has no (direct) competition at all, but it works in the game. If you don’t take care of your customers, an NPC industry will spawn as your “competitor”, but they aren’t trying to run you out of business they’re simply fulfilling a need that you’re not fulfilling. This works because in the game you don’t need to try to fulfill everything, you can focus on being a niche business if you want. Or you can try to be a mega-corp that does it all.

Thanks; I keep seeing Railway Empire show up on sale, but I’ve been holding back because, like you, there seem to be some elements I wouldn’t find fun.

I will check out Rise of Industry tonight.

I loved Railroad Tycoon and Transport Tycoon was enchanting, but other rail sims since have left me cold. There’s just something off about them. If Railway Empire is better, I’d love it, but it’s pricey…

I wish Railway Empire had a demo. It is enticing but there are elements when I look at it that put me off. Mashinky looks really good too, but again early access which (despite having just bought Rise of Industry), I try to avoid.

I’m enjoying Rise of Industry. When you first try it, it seems deceptively simple. But there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye at first. It is all about efficiency. I think the biggest thing I didn’t notice at first is how limited the production is of the gatherers. A water siphon produces 9 water units a month. A single farm needs 6. So when I built three farms and they weren’t producing, at first I didn’t understand why. But then it starts to make sense. The shipping costs is based on number of tiles, so again efficiency is important. Building a water siphon out in the middle of nowhere and then shipping the water to a farm near a city is probably bad (but maybe not depending on where the produce is going). It is like a little puzzle, and I like games like this.

The game is very chill. There’s not a lot, if any, pressure to expand. You’re doing so because you want to, in order to extend your industrial empire not because you need to. That’s ok with me, because again it gives it a puzzle quality but for some this may be irksome.

Also, the dev(s) for Rise of Industry are awesome. Looking through different forum posts on Steam to find answers to questions I find quite often the person answering is Alex (one of, or the, developer). I’m very impressed by that! And seems to be very interested in thoughts and feedback from the community.