Raised body temps while sleeping-why?

I’ve always become warmer while sleeping. Often, to the point of sweating in an a cool room. The wife does as well, just not as much. Our 2 year old son seems to reach amazing temperatures. While I’ve never taken his temp while he sleeps, he routinely sweats to the point of saturating his clothes, sheets, anything else near him. Is this fairly common? Why does this happen?

Do you keep the heat at the same temp (or within 5 degrees or so) as when you’re awake, then pile on blankets when you go to bed?

No, its nothing like that. I’ll notice it with myself almost anytime I sleep, such as taking a nap on the couch for example. There will be no covers or such, no external temp change, just increased body temp. Same with the boy, only he gets very hot and ends up being soaked. He usually cools down to normal about 10 or 15 minutes after waking up. Something with metabolism maybe?

I have always been taught that body temps drop while sleeping, mainly because all bodily functions are slowed, including metabolism. One reason for elevated temp could be hypothyroidism (which can be genetic), but it is probably simply your system, nothing out of whack. Just a thought.

I have this same thing happen to me, but not all of the time. I notice that if I work out too close to bedtime ( < 3 hours) it’s much worse. It seems to be just my chest and neck for some reason. ‘Night Sweats’ I’ve heard it called.

Maybe I’ll die…

I like to linger in bed for a while before finally rising, and I’ve noticed the same phenomenon. As time passes, I seem to get cooler, without having moved the blankets.

I’m the opposite, when I wake I’m quite comfortable then I rapidly heat up until I have to get out of bed.

This usually happens to me if I’m sleeping during the day. If I take a nap on the couch, I will sweat quite a bit and often wind up in this uncomfortable groggy state in which anything covering my body is sweltering but if I take off blankets/clothing then I get too cold (probably just the difference in skin temp vs ambient temp+heat loss from persperation causing the cold sensation. Its actually really bothersome for me, and lately I often forgo a nap and just go to bed early so I don’t wake up all hot and cold and clammy…my poor nerves are so confused :confused:

OK, so it appears not to be that uncommon, but does anyone know why?

like that other guy said, I think the core body temp probably drops a degree during sleep.

I don’t know about night sweats, but I think you’d feel warmer because of better circulation.
you feel temp from the outside in, and when you’re at rest, I think your blood does a better job of reaching, and heating, your skin and extremities.

I’d guess night sweats is psychologically rooted, but I really have no idea.

feeling warm is really all about circulation.

“Night Sweats” are very common and can have many, many causes, anything from stress to low-level infection to you name it. I get them pretty awful, to the point of (forgive the vulgarity) seemingly wetting the bed though my skin. We’re talking sweaty. It my case the cause is sleep apnea, a condition where the body ocassionally stops breathing several times thoughout the night. Google on the words “night sweats” for more detailed information.