Ralph Nader decries PCness

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that an 80-something year old man feels this way, and I think he’s right on about college campuses, but then he takes it much further:


Nader’s argument just serves to remind me that while political correctness is often ridiculous and goes too far(especially in college), that it exists for a reason. It’s not okay to “flirt” with unwilling girls and catcall girls, and while I won’t condemn ethnic jokes completely, leave that kind of stuff to the professionals. When average people make those jokes, it just comes off as bigoted. Comedians know how to make it funny(the good ones anyway).

Ralph Who?

Truth hurts the butt of many a liberal pansy.

Explain why treating others, regardless of social status, is so evil.

We should But people also shouldn’t take offense when no offense is intended. Statements that are well-meaning but cringeworthy should be either accepted in the spirit they are given or seen as an opportunity to educate.

Because I have two low-hanging acorns that don’t shrivel into a little scrunchie when someone makes a joke about a group I am a part of.

Anathema to the crybaby faux-victim Left.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

Fuck Ralph Nader.

Both of 'em, probably.

Since when is politeness something that old people can’t understand? I thought the big complaint was supposed to be that we youngsters weren’t polite enough any more.

Differing views of what constitutes good manners I guess. But here’s the thing about politeness: definitions should not change by the hour. That’s one of the main critiques I’ve seen of the PC movement, is that correct terms become prohibited terms too quickly for anyone not on a college campus to follow.

If you take pretty much anything too far, and forget the principles you were trying to uphold in the first place, it’s going to backfire.

So do lies. And on the other hand, truth hurts the butt of many a rightwing asshole.

So that pretty much leaves you with nothing. Start over.

I love people like you, because I can say whatever I want about you and the slightest complaint makes YOU a whiny pansy hypocrite.

So I dare you to post a few of the groups you’re a member of so we can post jokes.

True. It seems that modern PC has moved way beyond politeness and decency and into the realm of “justice”, which can take you into much more radical places.

Nader: “…They like to stand on a corner and whistle at a pretty lady. They like to flirt. But they can’t do that anymore. Multiply that across the continuum.”

Multiply that across the continuum. Wow. That’s one smart motherfucker! Multiply. Continuum. Jeez, that guy is going to be something someday, mark my words.

When I was working in the co-op, we posted an opening in the collective. (You’d be amazed at how many people were eager to work for the money we could pay ourselves…) She walked in (confidence and assertiveness embodied) and announced herself as having just got back from Africa for the Women’s Conference. Not the fake one, the one with the real women. She paused to give me a moment to express my approving awe, but I blinked.

I started on the agreed spiel…as written by the same committee that wrote the Mission Statement, and subsequent amendments… but she waved it away, cut me short with “You will hire me, I’m politically correct.”

This happened. If I’m lying, I’m dying. And if I thought she was kidding me, doing an improv sendup, I most likely would have asked her to marry me. On bended knee, you may be sure.

Kids! What’s the matter with kids today?

Fuck Ralph Nader in the balls with a blunt object. Yes, the balls, because it’s not an orifice and it’s more painful that way.

An obnoxious douchebag applied to work in a co-op? Easy to believe.

That’s not very PC.