RAM installation to 1 GB

I’ve got a newSony Vaio and want to upgrade to 1 gigabyte of RAM. The computer is expandable to 2.0 gigs.

It currently has 512MB PC-2700 DDR SDRAM, in 2 256MB DIMM Memory Modules. There are also 2 available 184-pin DIMM slots.

Do I buy 2 256MB ram chips to put in the last two slots… or can I buy one 512MB ram chip to put in one of the slots (leaving the fourth empty)? Will either configuration give me the 1GB?

What does the user manual state? Most user manuals describe various RAM upgrade configurations.

Have you looked at Sony’s web site for product support?

Given that the system supports up to 2.0 GB and has 4 slots, I think it’s safe to conclude that it can support a 512MB DIMM. So yes, you can add just one 512 MB DIMM to get 1 GB, but I would recommend moving the pair of 256 chips over and putting the larger DIMM in the first slot.

Better check the manual. My K7S5A motherboard has 4 slots, (2 DDR and 2 SDRAM) but only supports one type at a time. The way I see it you will have 768M of DDR.

Opengrave’s got it. When you encounter two different memory slots nowadays, it usually means that you can only use one of the types at a time. To get to 1GB, you’ll need to replace one of the 256s with a 768 (do they even make those?). You might just want to buy a 1GB memory chip and remove one or both of the 256s.

I doubt a brand new, factory-built computer has slots for both DDR and SDRAM. DDR is 184-pin, too. If you want to be sure, take out one of the existing sticks and try to fit it into the spare slots. If it fits in all of them, you’re safe.

Just buy a 512MB stick and put it somewhere. The first slot’s not a bad idea. You’ll have a gig.