Ramadan fasting during international flights

For long duration flights 12-16 hours how do Muslims time their fasting?

I thought the practice of fasting during Ramadan was traditionally lifted for travelers en route to their destinations?

You are correct, travelers do not have to fast. It is why you can often find something to eat at hotels during Ramadan in Muslim countries.

So If I live in Dearborn Michigan and travel to Windsor Canada I get to eat along the way and back since it is international travel?

They don’t need to. They are expected to make a reasonable effort to comply with the fast, under their natural circumstances. If flying west-bound, so it is daylight all the way, they make reasonable adjustments. You might also wonder what they do in Alaska in summer, when it never gets dark. They eat.

Muslims only fast during the daylight hours. Travelers are not required to fast, but only to make a conscientious and good faith effort to keep the fast when circumstances permit. Nor are people for whom a fast would be a health risk, such a pregnant women or small children, or patients on an IV drip.

In short, practicing Muslims are just like practicing Christians. Each individual make his own peace with Allah, and conforms with the law according to his own conscience. If a Muslim needs to break the fast, he will try to do so inconspicuously and in private, out of respect for others who may be keeping the fast.

They can keep fasting after Ramadan. For instance, let’s say you could not fast for 1 day because of illness or traveling, so you can keep fasting for 1 day after Ramadan. Or some completely skip Ramadan and do it in another month due to their jobs for example.

What make me wonder much is that how they can fast even half-naked Western women pass by in front of them.

This sentence is … difficult … to parse.

You are going to re-make me practice grammar rewrite exercises that I had in high school.

How in the burning hells can they fast while seeing half-naked Western women?(I am talking about Muslims in EU and North Am.)

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Wait, seeing half naked women makes you want to EAT??

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It is a factual question sir. Please do not pre-judge.

You can’t masturbate in Ramadan.

Just watch me

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Doesn’t that depend on what exactly fasting means to him? I’m a bit suspicious since he won’t agree to my Turkish person test in BBQ but if he thought fasting would be understood by us as including abstention from masturbation (which on his authority is in fact included in ramadan, I’m no expert but presume he’s right) then his remarks would be on topic, right?

@Confused dart cum, you have to abstain from having sex and masturbating during the particular times in day.

In English, fasting refers to only to food, not to abstinence from sex. Since gvozd’s first language is not English, he may misunderstand the word. But even allowing for this, “How in the burning hells can they fast while seeing half-naked Western women?” is not a factual response to the OP.

There are growing Muslim communities in various communities in Canada’s Arctic*, and they’ve decided to simply go by the times of sunrise and sunset in towns further south.

*Rather wonderfully, when the community in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, outgrew its small meeting space, some folks in Winnipeg got together to obtain a prefabricated mosque and ship it 4,000 kilometres to Inuvik, partly by barge along the Mackenzie River.