Ramblin' Rod Memorial Portland Mini-Dopefest and Wake

Hey, next time you guys plan a get-together, could you make it on a Saturday? I have a yen to ride the train somewhere, and Portland sounds like a good place to ride it to. But I would need to have Sunday to get back. I think. I’ll have to check into the train schedule.

I would very much like to meet you all.

As the winner of the button prize, let me register my disappointment that kallessa didn’t show up for the Dopefest.


Dang and blast!

Find a time to get back on the boards after way too many weeks and discover that I’ve missed a gathering of the faithful by mere hours. I am sure that a good time was had by all.

And it would have been fun to toast the memory of Ramblin’ Rod. Word from those who knew Mr. Anders is that he was truly one of the nice guys, too. Come to think of it, he would have to be, with so many years with all those rug rats.

Do I want to know what sort of button Atreyu brought? Would it have been cooler than my genuine McGovern-Eagleton button?

Hometownboy, who wishes he’d checked this yesterday

Hey, same here hometownboy.

I would have zipped over to Portland tonight (I’m only an hour or so away)

Oh well,. next time.

Atreyu brought an original “May The Force Be With You!” that dated from 1977, the time when the first Star Wars movie first came out.


I. missed. it. all.

Actually I didn’t get back until too late - we acutally considered (the four of us gals who were out camping) to stop in on the way back, en masse, bugs in our hair, stinky as the day is long, but I got outvoted.

I hereby suggest a replacement dopefest - and soon - for those of us who missed it.

THe offer of my yard[sub] weeding party[/sub] is still open for a venue!!

[sub] grumble grumble grumble i wanted to go drink beer with all yall[/sub]

You were missed, Smashy. (And you too, Kallessa)

Sure, set it up. I’m always willing to go drink beer with friendly folks. I might even be persuaded to pull a weed or two…

Also, the Oregon Brewer’s Festival is just 8 weeks away. I was thinking it would be fun to get a Doper contingent together for the affair.

Sorry all, and especially the lucky winner, Atreyu, I ended up staying later with old friends in Olympia and didn’t get to Portland until after 5:30, so I figured you probably wouldn’t be still be there. On the replacement theme, I’ve been to a brewfest, and it is a good time–many great beers, a multitude of good beers, and enough variety for everyone to find a beer to love and one to hate. Plus, you can make fun of the beers the others fall in love with! It can be a bit hot in mid-day, though, and crowded. It would be worth figuring out another place to meet and then either carpool, or catch a bus, or, heavens to murgatroyd, walk.

I’ll probably be working the brewfest - I can get passes (probably probably) for a few people.

I should be working the Friday night or Saturday evening shift - they haven’t let me know for sure yet. Excellent idea, Ferrous! I love that festival. Actually, I love Portland for the sheer fact that every other weekend it seems there’s some festival going on.