Ramblin' Rod Memorial Portland Mini-Dopefest and Wake

To mourn the passing of one of the last of the great kiddie-show hosts, of course.
My suggestion- St. Johns Pub the next weekend after Memorial Day.

So I start up the thread as you suggested, and find that you did it yourself?


[sub]Of course, mine didn’t have the ode to Ramblin Rod’ in it…[/sub]

Another reason to celebrate-I just paid close to 6 thousand dollars to go into debt for the next thirty years. Thas’ right, I bought me a house!

Hey, congrats, Czarcasm!


(and thanks for taking care of the other thread)

Congratulations, Czarcasm!

You’re welcome. :wink:

That’s cool Czarcasm. We will expect details, and possibly pictures.

And St. John’s Pub next weekend works for me.

Can I come??

Not to steal Czarcasm’s thunder, but Joel and I also made a real estate purchase (and we didn’t even have to make a downpayment :p) and have yet to properly celebrate.

Plus, I have yet to properly mourn Mr. Anders. I have a hard time accepting that he even retired. I think I’m still in denial. I better bring Kleenex[sup]TM[/sup].

Where is St. John’s Pub? Gimme a street address so I can Mapquest[sup]TM[/sup] it.

8203 North Ivanhoe Street.

Thank you :slight_smile:

My apologies, Cajun Man. I shouldn’t have made an assumption like that.

I’ve been out of town for the past week and had no idea that he’d passed away. You can imagine my shock when I saw the title of this thread! Ahhh, shades of smile contests and Pop Shop Pop…

The St. John’s Pub on the weekend after Memorial Day should work for me as well.

Aw yeah, I’m there.

But Atreyu, didn’t Smashie say she couldn’t make it next weekend? It’d be a shame if she had to miss it. I’ve met her, and she’s way cool. Smashie?

Next weekend is fine with me! (Sorry, I just bothered getting out of bed.)

So. This dopefest is started because all of us Oregonian dopers are unemployed - and here we’re all buying houses too. huh???
We just got ourselves one over on Mt. Tabor.

If St Johns doesn’t work out - we can have a ‘come weed smashed’s yard’ dopefest. Or possibly "come remove moulding from doors and paint the hall’ dopefest. Or even “reseal my driveway’ dopefest”. How about - “put new lineoleum down in my kitchen” dopefest.


Ok. See you at St. John’s Pub. Which day?


(I wouldn’t know who Ramblin Rod was to save my life, had I not accidentally read WWeek yesterday) Sad loss - he seemed like a way cool guy.

Gee, a “Come weed smashed’s yard” Dopefest sounds soo much better than some stupid revelry with food and drink at a world-class pub! Why don’t we do that inst…

What the hell am I thinking?!? The Mistress Of Subtle Persuasion almost got me that time! :slight_smile:

I’ve got a wedding to go to in Tacoma on Saturday, so I’ll be coming through Portland on my way home to Salem on Sunday, so my suggestion is late afternoon on Sunday.

And smashed, that’s a wedding not a weeding–I’m looking to buy a house without much of a yard, so no luck getting me to do your yard work.

Would Sunday instead of Saturday be o.k. with everyone, say about 3 or 4pm?

Sunday, June 2nd at 3 or 4 pm might work…except it’s my brother’s birthday. I’ll have to see what he might have planned that day and get back to you on that.

Yes, I think Sunday would work for us, too.

As it turns out, Sunday would work just fine for me after all. For various reasons, my brother’s birthday dinner will be held on Saturday night.