Ramblin' Rod Memorial Portland Mini-Dopefest and Wake

Sunday is perfectly alright with me, but hey, the offer still stands in case sitting around getting drunk and silly and having fun doesn’t pan out.

Really! It’s a double lot (sure you don’t want one of those Kallessa?) - there’s plenty of weeds for everyone!!

On the other hand - the beer does sound awfully refreshing. Count me in!

[sub]darn czarcasm for figuring me out. next time, my kiddies, next time…[/sub]

WOO! This is my re-100th post.

In honor of Ramblin’ Rod, the person who brings the best button gets a prize!

But what if we don’t want a big wet smooch from you Czarcasm?

P.S. Sunday is good for me.

Don’t worry, this prize is even hotter!

Originally posted by Czarcasm

Alright, I’ll kiss the winner–but no pictures!

O.K., you win.
Your prize is hotter. :slight_smile:


[sub]What was that?[/sub]

That was a rather amateurish atttempt at bumping a thread-something that should be left to the pros, bucky. :slight_smile:
Rule #1. When bumping a thread, try to manufacture some sort of reason for the post, no matter how feeble, such as:

I forgot to mention that, if possible, we will be meeting upstairs.


Have we decided on a definite time? I’m going to be camping out at the coast Sat night, so I won’t be back until noon or 1, so if you’d like me to shower and clean up first, I’d suggest 4pm for the meeting time.

If you want to smell me after camping for two nights, then 2 or 3 is fine.

Either way…

Umm… was that just an example of what one could post to bump a thread or is the intention to meet upstairs? And if the intention is to meet upstairs, is there another way to get upstairs than by stairs?

Time: 3 or 4 or whenever.

Hell, we can meet upstairs, downstairs, or in M’Lady’s chamber. :slight_smile:
Wherever we meet, Gr8Kat, we’ll get you in.

Thanks, I appreciate it :smiley:

:stuck_out_tongue: to you!

Fine, fine…I bow to your wisdom, your Moderatorship.

But can I at least poke fun at your incorrect use of a hyphen, instead of a dash? Nah, better not…:wink:

Upstairs good. Comfy couches. Og like.
[sub]How was that?[/sub]

I was all worried that I couldn’t go because of transportation issues. I looked at a map and thought, “Duh, why not see if there’s a bus to St. John’s?” And there is, so I can go. :slight_smile: Ferrous, thanks for the invite. freesok and I will be there. And if it turns out that it’s not really a “pub” but more of a bar, he’ll be inside while I wait outside. Being a minor really sucks, you know that?

Is pub.
Has food.

Gosh, I was going to post something really important on this thread, but I’ve have a fatigue moment (like a senior moment, but for those of us who think we’re too young for senior moments), so I don’t know what I was going to say. I though it might come to me as I typed, and now that I have typed so much, I’ll post just so my effort doesn’t go to waste.

Feeble excuse for a post, my eye (G-rated for your comfort).

Don’t worry, it will come to you soon enough.

Nope, not yet.

I’d give it another hour or so, then move on.

See you in a couple of hours. :slight_smile: