Is It Time To Have Another Portland Dopefest?

We haven’t gotten together for awhile, folks.
The beer is cold, the food is hot and the scotch eggs are ready!:smiley:

Yes, yes yes–to the beer. No, no, no, a thousand times NO, to scotch eggs.

Easter eggs now that’s a different kettle of fish.

Okay, you can have scotch eggs (nasssty things, not precious, not in my pocketes) as long as I can have Easter eggs.
No, I have no idea why I suddenly channelled Gollum. But it’s gone now.

When shall we get together?


Ooh Banger sausage too? I’m totally into having a Portlandfest! My evening schedule is kind of icky lately, but I can manage. Anyone with prefrences about when/where?

Well, we’ve had it at the Horse Brass Pub and the St.Johns Pub so far. Any preferences or new ideas?

Depending on when you have it, I could take the train! I’ve always wanted to take a train.

I’ve always been fond of McMeminin’s–they’ve got the best fries around, and some of their beer is very good (depending on the brewmaster). Also very family oriented, so the non-drinkers shouldn’t feel too out of place. If you want to come down to Salem, Thompson’s has an excellent brewmaster. But, McMeminin’s only serve beer/wine/sodas, so if we need a place with a full bar, I have no ideas.

Is Kell’s still nice (in case with want to stay with a pub theme)? My only problem with it is that it is right downtown, so parking can be a problem.

Another vote to coming down to Salem. I’m only 18 and a non-drinker, so does that Thompson’s place have sodas and the like to drink?

I’m with my friend, here. I love trains and keep trying to take one down to Portland to a DopeFest, but somehow it never seems to work out.

Depending on when it is, maybe I can join amarinth in Seattle and we can train on down and join you. Maybe AudreyK and ** KKBattousai ** and some of the other Seattle and Canadian dopers and UB’rs might be able to join us. It all depends, for me, on the date.

I hope it works out. I would love to join you.


OOOH! OOOH! An ACTUAL Dopefest right here in my very own back yard??

Cool - just say where and when and I’m there!

Chiming in from upriver in The Dalles. Let me know where and when and I’ll do my best to swing down. Sorry to have missed the last one, but loved the first. I have faith in Czarcasm’s taste in locations, and might even be able to swing Salem, though it would be a long one for me.

In deference to Netbrian, it might be possible to find a place where he can join us. Pizza-type joints, for example, often have both beer and soft drinks, though sadly not scotch eggs, Bar Food of the Gods TM

We’ll try to make it. A train ride sounds like fun! :slight_smile:

I’d love to hit one, one of these days. I’m all about the Horse Brass, I usually end up there once a month anyways. :slight_smile:

Pretty much any day except tues/wed is a good one, usually.

I like the Horse Brass a lot. I live in that general neighborhood, which makes it really nice for me - although I’d be happy to travel as well, even down to Salem.

I’m available any day except Sundays or Thursdays, and pretty much any weekend.

The Horse Brass sounds fine to me, too. Maybe on a Saturday afternoon?

A Saturday at The Horse Brass, within walking distance of my house, with a good single malt and a fine cigar.

Sounds like a complete and total waste of time to me…

I’m in. :smiley:

Well, Saturday afternoon would work well, depending on the weekend. Us FURTHER north dopers could take the train down on Friday, get a room and go back Sunday. I always welcome the chance to spend some quality time with amarinth, Auds and KK. Maybe we could coerce…um…make that convince…lawoot, Saltire and the Cervaise/herownself duo to come too…and maybe others?


I work Saturday mornings, but I could sure make it in by 1:30 or 2 for the Horse Brass. Pick a date, and you have my interest.

TV guy, you must live pretty close to me.

A Saturday afternoon at the Horse Brass sounds like a great plan to me, with the exception of 2/8 (next weekend). Anything else sounds great. IIRC HB allows minors in the daytime hours.

Slight aside -
Anyone know where Ferrous has been since losing his job? I don’t think I’ve seen him on the boards at all.

Saturday Afternoon would be perfect. Leave Friday late afternoon (or even really early Saturday Morning) and come back Saturday evening. (the last train out of portland seems to be at 6:15)