Ramen-aholics anonymous

My name is MagicalSilverKey, and I am a ramenaholic.

Preferred poison = Maruchan - Shrimp Flavor “yummmmmmm! :D”


Chicken or beef flavor, with kosher hot dogs and baby carrots. Yum!

Robin, who waddles off to make some

Ah but do you cook it or eat it straight from the bag (seasoning added)? This was quite popular when I was a kid - not sure why.

I love indonesian ramen noodles. Instead of just one seasoning packet, you get five! Chili powder, flavoring powder, fried onions, a thick soy sauce, and hot oil. YUM!

And they’re available at finer asian grocery stores!

I love the Korean ones, the really hot spicy ones that come in the styrofoam bowls.

But for everyday consumption it’s hard to beat the Maruchan Oriental flavor, with salt and an egg added.

Yummm! I had Maruchan Oriental for lunch. :smiley: Haven’t tried it with the egg or extra salt though.

I usually bombard my noodles with coarse grind black pepper.

Now I must go make some.

MMmmmm, Ramen. I could almost live on them, if only my husband would consider them a main dish instead of a snack.

Until just a few years ago, my older boys called them “Roman Numerals.” Heh.


Then you will want to read my staff report: What’s the deal with ramen noodles?

Yeah, I’ve read that one before. hehe :cool:

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. ramen.

i love maruchan oriental flavour ramen. add some ginger powder, chinese five spice, cayenne pepper, and a touch of sesame oill. another one i adore is cha-jang myung (i believe), a korean ramen that has :

1 – noodle brick
2 – dehydrated vegetable pack
3 – oil (really good, different oils including onion oil. huh)
4 – seasoning stuff

you mix the oil and seasoning stuff with a bit of the boiling water and it makes a thick sauce (as opposed to a broth). absolutely addicting!

Ok, I’ve eaten two packs of ramen is less than 8 hours. Am I gonna die from sodium overload, or am I just pickling myself? :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to do it all the time when I was a kid, and even at times, I’ll do it now! I eat it at least two or three times a week; Sapporo Ichiban is pretty good. (beef flavor in particular) I’ve developed a taste for those Japanese spicy noodles, as well.

Actually, Mamee has made something called “Mamme Monster Noodles Snack.” They’re crunchy, munchy, and ready to eat; no cooking needed! Just open the package, and there you go! It even has extra seasoning, should you feel you need some more to add to what’s already on the noodles. From what I’ve seen so far, it comes in chicken and barbecue flavors, which are pretty good. I’m going to have a couple now, actually!

Qadgop, five seasoning packets? I’ve got to buy me some of that Indonesian ramen noodle stuff next time I go to the store, then! :slight_smile:

Another thumbs-up here for Indonesian ramen. When I was living in a flat in Oxford with no working kitchen, I would have starved without it. Qadgop, ever notice what it says on one of the packets: BUMBU sauce?

I salt the water before it’s boiling, like you do when cooking any noodle or pasta, but I just put in way too much. Makes the ramen more flavorful. When the noodle is almost ready, after you’ve added the flavoring, just drop an egg into the pot and stir gently to break it up and mix it in. Thickens the broth and you get a nice egg drop soup effect. Adds protein, too.

Yeah, that’s it! BUMBU sauce! It’s great! What the hell is it???


Make a bumbu (sauce) with the ketjap, add pepper, salt, vetsin and chopped garlic.

Now what the hell is vetsin??

Oh, vetsin is MSG!

And ketjap is indonesian sweet soy sauce! Now it is clear!


bodypoet, I STILL call 'em roman numerals:D