Rami Malek (Mr. Robot) to star as Freddie Mercury


Bryan Singer (X-Men director) is leading the helm to direct a long delayed biopic of Freddie Mercury and Queen. He has recently cast Rami Malek, the current star of the USA Channel’s Mr. Robot. The role was previously to be played by Sacha Baron Cohen, who dropped out of the project in 2013.

Other than Mr. Robot, I’ve only seen Malek in the Night in the Museum franchise of movies as King Tut. I’m not sure he’s got the flamboyance to play Mercury. No doubt, he’s good actor, so it will be interesting to see his interpretation of Mercury.

I’ve got a Meh feeling about this. SBCohen was getting old for the younger days of Queen, but man, he had the complex, layered, flamboyant-but-self-deprecating-and-aware fundamentals that Mercury requires. Rami Malek is of North African descent and intense, but I haven’t seen much complexity. And no clue how they will do the vocals.

I also recall reading that SBC left because the band wanted something PG-13-ish and focused on Queen overall, not Freddie. I love Brian and Roger, but that ain’t right.

Here is a quote from Vulture: http://www.vulture.com/2016/03/baron-cohen-on-leaving-freddie-mercury-biopic.html


Yeah I dunno about Rami, either. I didn’t see him in the *Museum *movies but I saw him on *Colbert *a couple months ago and he seems to not be acting too hard when he plays his character in Mr. Robot. That guy is pretty opposite of what I imagine Freddie was like.

Yes. He seems perfectly friendly and everything but not exactly brimming with vitality. It’s kind of hard to picture Rami being exuberant but I’ll watch anything that has to do with Queen in general and Freddie in particular.

Yeah I’ll watch anything about Freddie and I am so intrigued by Rami that I would watch anything with him so I am guaranteed to watch this, no matter how shitty I think it might be :smiley: