Ramones movie

Just read in Entertainment Weekly that one of the new movies next season will be called End Of The Century, The Story of the Ramones.
Its definitely on my must see list.

According to the official site, it is coming out sooner than you think.

I hadn’t even heard of it til the magazine mention.
No mention of when it will hit Ohio though.

Too bad it has a sad ending.

What, they made Ramones movie in 1979 – Rock and Roll High School! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0079813/

Yes, I know (loved the shower scene) but this is more a Documentary.

According to a review I read, it’s pretty sad throughout. I hadn’t realized how much the members of the band disliked each other. The filmmakers say they didn’t set out to highlight the animosity but it was too prevalent to ignore.