Rams football is back, baybee!

It took me awhile, but it’s finally starting to take root…

The Rams are back home, where they were always supposed to be!

For those of you East Coasters (or anyone else) who wanted to deny us REAL football, GO (expletive deleted) YOURSELVES!

Welcome to the new world.

Just wish Hard Knocks weren’t around to jinx it.

Well, to be honest HOME for the Rams would be Cleveland Ohio.
Being from St Louis I feel obliged to say, “Good Riddance”.

Stan the Man was a true St Louis citizen…Stan Kronke is a poser. Jeff Fisher is his gruff and unlovable side kick…again, good riddance!

I’m a Niners fan from St. Louis, so I not invested in it like most from here.

The NFL fucked over the city on this one. Both the league and the owner colluded and broke its own guidelines to strip the Rams from the city.

The city has been cursed with terrible football owners. I believe it won’t be long before LA feels the same way about Kroenke as every other fanbase who is unlucky enough to call him their owner.

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I’m glad to have a local team again, but I can’t cheer for them. I’m still bitter against the NFL from the loss of Browns, from when I lived in Ohio.

Have you considered looking on this as the NFL’s way of making it up to you in the form of putting a Cleveland team in your new town to make up for the loss of the Browns?

It’s much nicer than putting the steaming pile they call the new Browns back in Cleveland.

… this implies a lot more thought about LA than anyone on the East Coast has had, I think. When I heard the Rams were moving back, I was mildly surprised that LA hadn’t had the decency to fall into the Pacific Ocean at some point over the intervening decades. I mean, all the movies and TV are made in Vancouver now anyways, right?


(May the upcoming season be everything you hope it can be!)

Eh, I’m realistic about it. This is the Rams, after all, and I’d been used to decades of almost-but-not-quite-championship-level-football for all that time. I remember SB XIV, and every year that the Rams would make it into the playoffs but get beaten by the Cowboys or Vikings. I’m just glad they’re finally back.

And as for the anti-L.A. team types, you should have read the boards on nfl.com in the years running up to the actual move. L.A. doesn’t deserve it after losing the Rams and Raiders, L.A. fans suck (funny how I never saw the Lakers or Dodgers complaining), L.A. couldn’t support a team (no idea where they got this obviously false piece of tripe, but it was there), blah blah blah. And this wasn’t a few posters; it was at least half of them in any thread that even touched on the possibility of L.A. getting a team.

My eventual final answer to all of them was “Well, I’m sure glad you have no say in the matter whatsoever.”

I suspect they got it from the fact that two NFL teams left the city for greener pastures barely 20 years ago. I also suspect that, 20 years from now, they’ll have one more* piece of evidence for that argument.

*Two more if the Chargers come.

Heh because Georgia “Queen Bitch” Frontiere and Al “Luxury Boxes” Davis were treated so badly by all us horrible football fans. The Raiders in particular had no trouble filling seats.

See, I was there. I know exactly what happened and why, and it wasn’t because of a lack of fan support.

They managed for 50 years when the Rams were here last time.

I grew up a Rams fan. In the 1970s they always lost the playoffs to the Cowboys or Vikings. Painful. Then, Super Bowl XIV! They led at halftime! Ferragamo! But then the Steelers took the lead. As the game wound down, at least the Rams were beating the spread! But then that last TD, ouch. Final score, 31-19. Damn.

How many QBs did we have? From memory, I recall…

Joe Namath.
Steve Bartkowski.
James Harris.
Pat Haden.
Ron Jaworski.
Dieter Brock.
John Hadl - that first season in blue & gold, after the blue & white colors. An exciting season! Tommy Prothro…
Vince Ferragamo.
Jeff Kemp.
Jeff Rutledge.

Of course, later came Jim “Chrissy” Everett.

It was a love-hate relationship, for sure.

And then there was my favorite love-to-hate team, the Niners…

Well, there’s Roman Gabriel…he left the season I was sentient enough to get into football. I can’t remember any others you haven’t already come up with.

I have no sympathy for St. Louis. Your town has stolen two football teams from other cities in NFL history, then lost both. What goes around, comes around. St. Louis is a great baseball town, and seems like good hockey fans, but not a great NFL city, no offense.

:dubious: Did USC relocate to the East Coast?

By the way, I’ve recently been to St. Louis, and it’s nowhere near the East Coast.

Roman Gabriel was a key reason I became a Rams fan - my Dad told me he was part Filipino, and so am I, and as a kid I thought that was cool.

We’re about the same age? I was born 1961. How about you?

About Rams QBs, I missed a couple:

Dan Pastorini.
Bert Jones.
Steve Dils.

Other than them, I got all of them from 1973 through 1987 - I impressed myself!

There is a Wikipedia page - go figure - listing Rams starting QBs by season:

I hope this works out for you and you (and other cities) don’t lose your team in a few years. But remember, the Rams are not your team. They (and every other sports franchise) are owned by someone who usually only sees dollar signs.

Nothing serious to add, except same birth year, and I became a Rams fan during the Roman Gabriel (and Fearsome Foursome) days. I’m glad they’re back!

I was born the day LBJ was elected President, so pretty close. :slight_smile:

For ekedolphin, USC was the reason I got interested in football in the first place. It was all about Tommy Trojan riding Traveller. :slight_smile: But while they were a nice substitute when nothing else offered, I still prefer a pro team.

Excuse me? I was there too. Season tickets for three years. Unless the Broncos were in town, he couldn’t get more that 35,000 people there. But my real question, is what are the neighborhood driveways south of the Coliseum getting for parking. It was $5-$20 back then, depending on the game. I’m guessing it’s a little higher.

Betcha didn’t know you can get lists of attendance, didja? Roughly 40-75K, and there were high attendance games against a number of teams other than the Broncos. Chiefs, Steelers, Chargers, and the biggest attendance was for the Cowboys (91K). Never once did they draw as low as 35K. And that was when Al was already seen as a moneygrubbing POS who didn’t have any problem holding the city and fans hostage.


Because prices haven’t risen at all in the last 20 years. Are you serious with this shit?