Rand Paul is an infected anal fissure

I hope Paul’s neighbor got the gift basket I sent him.

i would sometimes spread misinformation. This is a great tactic. Misinformation can be very important. Rand Paul

This is an old quote. The context is that he was asked for advice about exam prep from a medical student. The anecdote is at the beginning of the article.

This just goes to show what a total piece of shit Paul is. It’s not just the glorification of misinformation. Someone asked him for advice on how to do better on an exam, and Paul responded by advising him on how to sabotage his classmates so they did worse on their exams.

Which does not help you do better, but I guess he was desperate not to be at the absolute bottom of his class.

Texted maganut and asked why everyone was peeved at Rand. He said, “because he’s calling out Faucis bioweapon new world order great reset depopulation genocide. Not a joke or exaggeration.” Then “death rates 18-64 up 40 percent in vaxed areas. This is the beginning of the mass cull the biggest genocide in history.” I asked him, as big as Pol Pots? But no reply.

Interesting to note his playbook was firmly established a ways back.

In that I just barely give enough of a flying turtle’s fuck to query, but it is kinda odd that you report that apparently maganuts were peeved, not pleased, with Rand’s latest turd-volley at AF.
Oh, hey, btw - didn’t your friend win this latest heat?

I read it as a Trumpist giving their opinion on why non-Trumpists were mad at Rand. And it was because Rand revealed the truth about Fauci’s bioweapon and were attacking the messenger.

Ah, the sensible “everyone”.
Yeah, I’d go with that.

So, they don’t want Paul to bring public attention to Fauci’s genocide? They are pro-genocide?

Also, they think it’s the vaccine killing people and not the virus?

People like that were saying the same thing about African-American voters during Reconstruction, just before they started passing laws and other Jim Crow measures to stop them from exercising their newly won right to vote.

He thinks the vaccine is there to kill people, he must’ve gotten this from Alex Jones. It hasn’t occured to him that it’s mostly democrats that are getting the vaccine so his logic is skewed there. Simple explanation-he crazy

Me, I find myself wondering why a non-[America-hating fuckstick]ist would even ask that question of a [America-hating fuckstick]ist.

He said he doesn’t want the democrats (who are vaccinated) to be genocided. Yep. He also wants to come through this mass cull, where 1 out of every 3 humans will be killed to rebuild society. :flushed: I told him sounds like the Manson family

He does know that whole Thanos thing wasn’t real, right?

So liberal leaders are tricking liberal followers into getting themselves eliminated?

Logic means nothing to them. Going to look up “Thanos”…

Are you from the moon?


Because he is a dick:

But the Theranos thing was real…Hmmm. I smell a brand new conspiracy theory!

Coming up with a brand new conspiracy theory is a snap.

Which moon, Titan?

Ok, I looked it up. I don’t see how he gets that 1 out of every 3 people will die and how life could be normal again. Where would they bury them all? Who does what work? Time released death vaccines. And with his guns and ammo he will help get the society back to normal. Scary