Rand Paul is an infected anal fissure

This sounds like someone with a really pathetic life who is desperate for things to be different and to do something meaningful with his life. To the extent that he longs for mass death and violence so that he can step up and become a person he’s not ashamed of being. He’ll swallow any lie that tells him that it can happen.

Look at any conspiracy theorist and you’ll find an absolutely miserable human being begging for a different reality.

I’m going to report this thread for a title change. It makes me want to puke. I would ask the OP to do it, but he is banned.

Why? There’s no way to avoid Rand Paul’s name.

Haha! Nice!

Even more Republican projection?

Pardon the derail, but an OP can do that at this late a stage in the game?

ETA - Or then again could have been just joshin to state a point.

I’m confused about why the Fauci-Gates-Pharma Axis would want to depopulate America, but even more puzzled about why this prospect upsets the Covid crazies, given that they’re simultaneously convinced that Democrats will die off in disproportionate numbers, handing over control of the country to them.

Maybe they’re secretly worried that without access to health professionals, their emergency supplies of ivermectin, colloidal silver and industrial bleach* won’t be enough to handle all medical emergencies.

*a.k.a. “Miracle Mineral Solution”.

His dad and aunt are having heart problems because of the vaccine!! The fact, that they’re well into their 60s has nothing to do with it.:thinking:

The vaccine turned me into a newt!

A newt?

I got better.

With every projection, they get two free mugs of “flat beer” that smell suspiciously like Ammonia…

Would it help your nausea if the thread title was changed to Kentucky Senator is an Infected Anal Fissure?

One, the other, or both?

“Rand Paul wears a prolapsed rectum as a hat”

( Hey, it explains is hair… )

That may just be his infected prolapsed brain.

The OP can always ask for a thread name change, although it may not happen.

This is pretty funny. Puke inducing, but well done!

And it works no matter which senator you mean! Although, I guess turtle’s don’t have an anus, but colloquially the cloaca could be referred to as such.

Hey, Kentucky’s not that bad.

I think this needs a jingle:

♫ Turtle Ass is the
“Q” cloaca…
Turtle Ass! ♫

Kentucky Fried Cyst