Random Fantasies.

Back from a morning hill ride, I roll my new bike into the shade of the car port, against the white plaster wall of the villa I’ve rented on the south coast of Spain. The sky is brilliant blue and the waters past the cliff are a matching deeper shade.

Every muscle in my body is exhausted but also relaxed. I strip and shower outdoors, watching the ripples of the sea fade into the horizon and the white sails of boats dotting the bay.

Towel myself dry and head to the poolside where my lover is tanning her already deep golden brown skin wearing just her string bikini bottoms. Waves of dark brown curls of her hair are framing her face and resting on her shoulders. She’s reading but smiles and waves happily the minute she sees me approach.

Two tall ice cold Thai Mojitos sit on a tray by the lounge chairs. I sink into the lounger, finally feeling the last of the tension melt from my body. Take the first long drink and feel it rush down into my empty stomach. I’m going to have to eat something or the booze will just go right to my head. Nah, fuck it. Dinner will have to do. It’s going to be a great afternoon.



Well, just the wings then.


Oh, you wanted us to provide? Well, Mister, you didn’t say so.

I’m not getting into that much detail. Suffice it to say it involves the Caribbean, my own boat, and this fellow.

How about a bowl of Jello big enough to swim in? What if it’s between a glass onion dome and a holwing apple? Anyone else, or is it just me?

Fantasies frustrate me, because reality always bites me in the ass.

But if the cute little pharmacist made home deliveries, now we might have something to talk about…

Stop it. Stop it RIGHT NOW

I’ve found it’s a waste of time to fantasize about cute pharmacists. No matter how witty you are in her presence, or how cool, or even how good-looking, she knows exactly what antidepressants you’re taking, what lotions, and what topical cremes.

Oh believe me, that’s crossed my mind. How good can it be to be recognized and ahem, yes - flirted with by the pharmacist? Because by default that makes you a frequent flier at the drug counter.

I see. So you like the blonde, pasty white and all bumpy type. No accounting for taste, is there. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, dear. I’ve got tall, dark, and handsome at home. This is for variety.

I walk from the windy, hot, sandy beach to where my ice cold beer awaits in the hand of my lover…who is standing with just a towel, knotted just below his belly button…well, that’s it for me…will write the rest later!!!

I am at work after all!

Soaring high into the clouds, diving sharply for hundreds of feet, leveling out at the last second, to skim over the perfect blue surface of a lake.
Climbing up, to weave between the rooftops & hills.

All without a plane or glider, soaring like Superman.