Random midnight meeting

So this is probably one of the stranger things that has happened to me (I don’t think many strange things have happened to me). It’s just a little anecdote really that I felt like sharing.

So I was taking a midnight walk, because I couldn’t sleep, was annoyed and just wanted to get out of the house. After walking to the river, chilling a bit by the river side and walking some more. I decided to go home. And, as I was walking in that direction (still in the vicinity of the river) I felt like I was being watched. Sure enough I looked across the road, to the opposite pavement and there’s a girl standing there watching me. I have to admit I was slightly creeped out but, after maintaining eye contact for a few seconds I called out to her, and getting no response I shrugged my shoulders and turned to leave. She clearly had other ideas, because she crossed the road and walked up to me. I could smell alcohol on her breath but she seemed steady enough (not like she was about to collapse). She asked what I was doing, so I told her, she asked if she could join me and, having no urge to sleep or go home I said: “sure, why not”. I think it was nearing 2 am at that point (but I had no watch or other time measuring device on me), we walked for a bit, chatted for a bit, as people go she wasn’t too bad, but she had short term memory loss at the time, so some strands of the conversation were repeated several times, to the letter. We got a snack from Papa G’s (would you believe it’s open until 3.30 am) and around 4 am-ish decided to go home. I got her number before leaving and have met up with her once since then for drinks, and we had a good laugh about the whole situation, apparently she’s usually shy, and doesn’t get that drunk.

Just an interesting story I thought I’d share, hope you enjoyed it :slight_smile: