Random MPSIMS musings.

I have some stuff to say that is mundane. Feel free to join in.

giraffe has to have one of the funniest personal websites that I’ve seen. The pictures are hilarious. Good job!

I struggeled since Sunday night to get the sound to work on my computer so I could play woodstockbirdybird’s cd. I finally asked my husband for help. He reached to the monitor and turned the sound up. tada! :rolleyes:

I think I’m addicted to Napster. It’s driving me nuts that I can’t get this one song (Extra Ordinary by Ultra Vivid Scene) to download. I’ve tried multiple times and once I got 98% done and it errored. ARGHHH!

Napster’s help function sucks. What are the red/green/yellow lights for? And what are the pings? Do you ping someone?

I’m looking for a instrumental song by The Charlatans UK, and I have no idea what the title is. I’m sick of searching so if anyone has a clue, please speak up. It’s a nice song for driving on a beautiful spring day with the top down.

I did find one of my favorite songs by “Straightjacket Fits” and I wonder if they mean that they’re having fits while wearing a straightjacket or that the straightjacket fits and needs no tailoring.

Speaking of tailoring, that was my stage name when I was a dancer, Taylor. The DJ would always announce me and say, “I don’t know if she can sew, but she sure can dance!” It took me forever to get it.

The movie, “Coyote Ugly” sould be burned. It blows.

I’m still washing blue robes.

I think the song you’re thinking of is Rob’s Theme, off Tellin’ Stories. Rob Collins, the keyboard player, was killed in a car accident while they were recording the album, and that song was a tribute to him.

The Charlatans UK rock! I haven’t listened to them in years. Once I get a faster connection I’m going to bag more of their stuff.

I think the red light means “don’t bother”, yellow means “you might get this file if you’re patient”, and green means “go for it”. You want to go with low pings. Ping is the response time from one machine to another, so you want a low ping. I think ping stans for Package Internet Groper, but I could be mistaken. Some MPS for you. :wink:

Thanks Rasa! I’ll go look for it.

I figured that was kind of the thing with the little stop lights, but I’ve gotten some songs really fast from red lights and never gotten anything from greens, so who knows.

WOO! I finally DLed Extra Ordinary. Ahhh.

Ping does not stand for Package INternet Groper, it comes from the sound made, and the term submariners use for a sonar pulse.

Rasa Said

It’s my understanding that green indicates high-speed connection, yellow is for 56k dial-up, and red for slower than 56k connections. I might be wrong, though. Yesterday was the first time I ever tried to download anything (56k dialup) and after about 15 min. I got a message saying “transfer failed” or some such, so I got the same song from Liquid Audio in about 5 minutes.)

Sue Said

Where’s this site? I could use a good chuckle today!

I spend way too much time on Napster, so I am qualified to answer. :slight_smile:

In theory,

Red means they have a 33.6k modem or slower, or don’t know.
Yellow means 56k modem up to 128k ISDN.
Green means they have a DSL connection or faster.

In reality, since you can set that manually instead of having the software detect it, Red often means they have a really fast connection and don’t want people leeching from them (I have cable and usually have transfer rates well over 100kB/s, but my dot is red, for 14.4k modem). If you’re having trouble downloading from the green dot sites, try the “unknown” or other crappy connection rates.

Ping is a backronym. It was named for the sonar ping since it does the same thing (goes out, comes back, and reports the travel time). But hackers and programmers love acronyms, and just couldn’t stand not having it stand for something. So it got renamed the Packet INternet Groper.

Are you really allowed to drive with your top down in California??? Do you get a lot of stares? Maybe I’ll see if I can get my girlfriend to drive around like that. :smiley:

OH, you mean the top on the car! Jeesh, some people! Sorry. :o

I don’t know the band at all, but to me," Straitjacket Fits" means that it actually fits. Not “looks good on me”, but “is fitting, considering my mental state”.

Man, I was trying to download a Black Flag song last night, and it took me about the eighth user I tried. On my first attempt, the download rate refused to exceed 1 kb/s, so I canceled it. I ran into a bunch of “Remotely Queue” responses, too, which I don’t have the patience to fool with.

Some MPSIMSy stuff from yours truly…

  • Since i’ve not been anything chlorinated for about 5-8 years, i found that after those of us who took a dip in Sue’s, i itched like the dickens. Either i’m allergic to chlorine, or someone who was in it :slight_smile: (not a complaint, i’d gladly do it again, that was fun). I’m still itching today. It’s mostly my lower back, and lower stomach.
  • I think that since school started up for me on Monday, the school’s modem pool has been bogged down, because i have the shittiest time trying to connect to anything online at peak hours.
  • I think i actually may like my classes. All of them seem interesting. At least for two i have people in them that I had in classes last semester (in one, about half from a class last semester).
  • I am getting what’s called an “industrial” piercing. It’s an ear piercing, and i think it’s pretty nifty. (Do your own search if you want to find out what it looks like bmezine.com is a good start). I may get a double (old “plugs in my lobes” scratch suggested it). I’m liking the idea. But i’d need to justify the cost to myself (two barbels, which make up the bulk of the cost). I may get a regular and a vertical, but i’m not sure. And yes, i know, cartilage piercings do hurt (well, all pierces do, mostly).

Anyway, that’s all I can think of to be MPSIMSy for now.

I can’t even friggin GET Napster :mad:

*My homework and art project never left the couch from where I threw them upon arriving home from school.
And I don’t care.
Instead, I went shoe shopping with my mother for two hours, and then I went to a basketball game with my brother, his friend, and my boyfriend.
I feel healthier now that I’ve been out.

*Y’know, art projects really suck when I never have time to work on them. My teacher is going to be rather irate with me when I go into class tomorrow with nothing new to show her.

*I hate going to counseling. I hate going to counseling. I hate going to counseling. The only nice things about counseling are that 1) I can babble for a couple hours about nothing in particular, going on tangents whenever I damn well feel like it 2) Mom always buys me drinks and candy as rewards for going without trying to kill her for doing it to me 3) I get out of school early.

*I’m going crazy trying to find songs to download on Napster just for the heck of it. I think I’ll just download what you people have been mentioning. Heck, maybe I’ll find a new genre of music to like.

I’ve been watching this particular webcam Waaaaaay to much.

  • My apartment is a mess. Seriously. It’s ridiculous. I just don’t have time. I go to school during the day, and work at nights. I mean, I’m not working full time, or anything, but I’m just tired. So whenever I have any spare time, I’m sleeping. But this has gone above and beyond your average slobby college student stuff. Ugh.
  • Two of my friends are showing their films next weekend. And I have to do a memorial dinner for my godfather, which will be No Fun. I mourn in my own way, not in a public, familial way. Feh.
    *Ben and Jerry’s came out with a new flavor. Kaberry Kaboom. Blueberry and Strawberry ice cream with chocolate covered psuedo-poprocks. Cool! I’m gonna get some today.
  • I don’t want to go to class today. It’s biopsychology, and I just don’t feel like it. But I’ll go. Feh
  • I am tired of boys. I’m tired of games. Nuff said.

Boy, this sure is a pick me up.

I am typing this with one hand because I have a torn rotator cuff and my left arm is in a sling. I am left handed too so I have to do almost everything with my right hand now. I can move my left arm from the elbow down… I just can’t move my shoulder at all. Try getting two kids in and out of carseats everyday using only one arm… and your weak arm at that! Or try driving with one arm while trying to smoke a cigarette, or try to talk on the phone and write a message at the same time without using your dominant ear and hand! It’s sooo frustrating.