Random picks in the video store -- Comedies, "O"

Sometimes I go into the video store with abso-freakin’-lutely nothing in mind. Last week I had such a trip. Not in the mood to wade through the New Releases again (besides, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is available in DVD only, reffa steffa shneffa, and Down with Love isn’t out yet), I wandered off to the Comedy section and started in the middle of an aisle at … “O.” (I don’t do this often, exactly, but certainly do it regularly – pick a genre, pick a letter, see what I end up with.)

The results:

Only You, with Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey, Jr., Bonnie Hunt, and Fisher Stevens. Let’s just say I didn’t like it as much as Ebert did. I always forget how much Marisa Tomei annoys me until I’m actually watching a movie with her in it. Bonnie Hunt had long hair and was kept firmly in check by the director. I find it hard to watch Robert Downey Jr. without this warring commentary “best actor of his generation/massive eff-up” getting in the way of my enjoying his performance.

The scenery – Italy, Italy, Italy – was lush and gorgeous, and made the movie worthwhile.

Osmosis Jones, which I’d actually rented when it came out, but the wrong movie was in the box, so I didn’t see it then.

Funny, funny stuff. Bill Murray at his absolute skankiest. (I’m scheduled to go see Lost in Translation next weekend – should be an interesting contrast.) The animated stuff was hysterical – great visuals, very well thought out. The cameos were a hoot. (Ron Howard – sheesh, I couldn’t quite place the voice, and was howling and pounding on the arm of the chair when the credits ran.) If you haven’t seen it – do.

All in all, I got my money’s worth – two for one coupon, old releases, so it was under $3 for both.

Overboard, starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell in goofy Disneyesque film with every amnesia cliche every imagined – but it still works.

Mike Judges’s Office Space… for the inanity of “a minimum of 20 pieces of flair”, swiping a subplot Iinstantly recognized from Superman III and then referencing it, and making me believe Jennifer Aniston might make a good actress someday.

Probably not the type of comedy you’re looking for (and trust me I never would have rented it myself) but the Original Kings of Comedy was really funny.

Mind you, that “fraction of a penny” thing was an urban legend before the Superman screenwriters ever got a hold of it.

Orange County – good stuff.