Random question for gay guys...

Is Kyan from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy as much of a sex symbol in the gay community as he seems to be in the straight female community?
I hang out on a 99% female board, and someone (including me, although I’m more of a Ted kinda girl) is always meow-ing over him.

Just curious!

He’s cute. Strike that… he’s very cute. Ted’s cute too, and so is Jai in an androgynous sort of way.

Kyan is my new husband and all the other queens are jealous of me…so, yes.

I like the show, but the Fab 5 crew does nothing for me.

Kyan is HOT. But I find Thom more attractive overall.

I highly doubt that this question is completely random. :slight_smile:

Zev Steinhardt

On the othermessage board that I hang out at, the 20 something gay guys there are crazy about Kyan. He doesn’t do much for me tho… but I am not a gay guy so my opinion is moot.:smiley:

I’d rank Thom as tied for 3rd with Ted in hotness (my sweet sweet Kyan is 1st of course, then Jai and Carson is 5th) but his in-and-out accent and his nervous laughter pluck my last good nerve sometimes.