Random Star Trek Quotes

Boim us out of here!!!

I told him that I could not only beam a grapefruit from one planet to the adjacent planet in the same system - which is easy, by the way - I could do it with a life form. So, I tested it out on Admiral Archer’s prized beagle.

I transported the whole kit and caboodle into their engine room, where they’ll be no tribble at all.

You will speak only into the Horn of Candor! With this horn, one of our most sacred horns, you must only speak the truth!

I have refined the design to increase the magnification level.

I can stub my toe with the best of them.

I did nothing – except get caught with my britches down. I must be senile. Mr. Saavik, you just keep right on quoting regulations. Meantime, let’s find out what the hell is going on and see how bad we’ve been –

Bring your logic to me.

Roga Danar? Are you nuts? I said, who’s the all-time biggest badass, not who’s a dude nobody’s heard about.

Another glorious chapter of Klingon history. Tell me, do they still sing songs of the great tribble hunt?

Enterprise, this is Captain William Riker of the Klingon vessel Pagh. I order you to lower your shields and surrender."

I am Worf, commanding the Enterprise. And it is you who have committed an act of treason by firing upon this ship.

He totally outsmarted Picard, and he has amazing hair.

Revive him.

Does the creator wish me to repair the unit?

What about Khan, right? Khan was a genetically engineered supervillain! Dude was a space seed!

John Harrison was a fiction created the moment I was awoken by your Admiral Marcus to help him advance his cause, a smokescreen to conceal my true identity. My name is… Khan.

I don’t like to lose.

We could do, uh, Evasive Maneuver Eighty… Eight?

We’re knee-deep in deserts and they’re still pouring out!