Random venting about my job situation...

The job itself isn’t the problem. I like it. I really really like it. It’s paying me more than I’ve ever been paid before, terrific benefits even for a contractor like me, great people, great location. My manager cares about my professional development and has had my back a time or two, isn’t shy with praise, and makes sure our workload is reasonable. The atmosphere is pretty easygoing (though deadlines loom as much as any other workplace). I like it here, as I said.

So of course, my contract ends at the end of October, and I still haven’t found out about my status beyond that. I wouldn’t mind an extension at all, but I’d really love to be converted. Trouble is, a/the decision maker has said something to my manager that envinces some reluctance in general to convert contractors to full timers. I’m already not participating in projects I’d love to be part of because my job isn’t yet guaranteed to November.

My manager definitely knows how I feel about the job. She’s already out in an evaluation/recommendation of unknown content, as has her manager. I think (and this is colored by personal filter, both good and bad) I’m doing a good job; at least, I haven’t gotten major complaints about my work in one on one meetings with my manager. I get the sense that they definitely do still need me as a body (although there’s no guarantee it has to be me, of course).

So I’m in suspense and feel a little stuck. I’m contracting directly with the company, so I don’t have an agency rep to prod, and I’m not sure if it would do more harm than good anyway. I’m dealing for now, but like I said, suspense, especially as October gets closer.

I do need the job, yes, but like I said, I like it, and I don’t want to leave it. I know it’s valuable experience and a great resume item (not to mention the $$$), but I’m concerned I may be spoiled by my current situation as well.


Vent over. Do I feel better for writing it out? Not sure, but what the hell.

Been there, done that. How long will it take you to find a new job? Add a week and start looking then. Just remember that it isn’t personal; it’s just business. That works both ways: you should expect your employer to give you time off for interviews. Non-billable time off, of course. :slight_smile:

Honestly, I have NO idea how long it’ll take to find a new job. I was without for a long time, but again, my resume and experience have changed dramatically over the past months.

BTDTGTTS :frowning:

I’m going to stick a finger in the air and suggest you start looking in earnest at the start of October and put out feelers in early September.

BT… what??

Been there done that something? Commiseration properly meant I’m sure. From here, as well.

The best thing you can do for yourself is keep doing a good job. When you get a bit closer, you might tactfully mention to your manager only that you will have to start looking, and then do so. If your team can’t keep you, is there any chance that there’s a place for you elsewhere in the company? Would your current manager be willing to provide a reference?

For now, keep doing your stellar work and keep your eyes open.

ETA: Been there done that got the t-shirt! (Figured it out!)

Well, I feel ya. I am a contractor, who will probably work at the same place for a long time and will never get made permanent even though they love me. I don’t mind so much, but no PTO kind of sucks (getting that ONE thing would make me much happier).

The reason for this, from what I’ve heard, is full time and contractors are kind of on a separate set of books since the average full time employee there makes considerably less money than somebody like me, and they like it that way, it’s the only way they can get highly skilled specialized talent without a bunch of hub-bub justifying it.

BTDTGTTS = “Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt”

Not much else to add, Leaper, seems like all the good advice has been pro-offered. Just make sure they know you would be happy to be full-time, but don’t force it. Just keep doing the above-average job you’re doing and hope they have a permanent position available.

Hang in, there, best of luck to you.

Please don’t let insecurity, possibly unnecessary, take a drop of pleasure from a job you currently enjoy, among people you like, in an environment you’re thriving in! Worry isn’t going to change whatever is coming your way, just don’t do it.

The universe would seem to be sending you an exercise in living in the moment, it seems. Jump on board it’s a great lifeskill to possess!

Take confidence that the very skills that got you this far will get you through whatever comes next and focus instead on enjoying your last months in a place you clearly like.

Simply refuse to worry over something which has yet to occur. There’s time for that when it’s a certainty.

(Which isn’t to say you shouldn’t put out feelers and ready your resume, do that too, but leave out the worry and fret part.)

Wishing you great Good Luck!

Mangled post. The preface was saying I’d been through the same experience as well. The “hang in there” was for the OP.

I’m contracting. It’s been a bit of a shitshow, and the money stinks compared to what I “should” be making (and was before). Where the hell are all the good jobs? I have a solid resume, etc.

There is an option on LinkedIn now that shows you are open to recruiters. I’d flip that switch and start looking 4-6 weeks before your contract ends.