Rangers clobber Baltimore 30-3 to set AL record, so how is your team doing?

That’s right 30-3, I thought I had pulled up NFL scores as LA won 15-3 over Philly.
No AL team had ever scored 30, the last NL team was Chicago in 1897. That’s right 1897!

The Rangers did not score 30 in the last 9 games.

Well, my team is winning 4-1 over the Angels after getting trashed last night 18-9.
Angels are the only team to have a winning record against the Torre Yanks. Seattle and Boston lost today, so the Yanks should gain ground. Chamberlain will get another chance to prove himself next inning.


15-3 tonight, and we’re still 6 games back.

<sigh> Wolf is gone for the season (what did we pay for that loser?) and Schimdt is a waste of air. We got nothing for our money this year. Here’s hoping Arizona gets a medium case of food poisoning in the next week or so.

I don’t know which is the bigger surprise, Zona or Seattle. I thought LA would be fighting SD down to the wire and I thought Seattle would be, well bad.


We all did. Now though, there are not a lot of teams who look forward to competing head to head with the likes of Suzuki, Sexson, Hernandez, and Putz. Pretty well put together, that team be.

When the night ends the Yankees will still be behind the Red Sox by five games. I have yet to declare our lead comfortable, but we’ve continued to maintain it even during your recent red hot streak.

How my team is doing:

The A’s have just finished a sweep of the Blue Jays, moving their record back to .500 at 63-63. This is not sterling, but an improvement over previous trends.

How my team is doing, personal whipping boy department:

However, I do enjoy noting that the A’s are 15-11 since Eric Chavez went on the disabled list. And they lost the first four games without him, so they’ve been playing even better than that the last three weeks. So if any of you guys want to trade for a Gold Glove third baseman, please dial the 510 area code, post haste. We’re listening to any offers. A nice ham and cheese croissant will seal the deal.

Back in the earlier thread I predicted the Red Sox (my team) would blow their double-digit lead, and they seem to be working hard to achieve that goal. They’re still leading, and I’m still rooting for them, but I’m sure as hell not taking anything for granted.

I’m just now looking at the box score from that 30-3 game earlier. Anecdotal at best, but the winner of that game was Kason Gabbard. He was the guy Boston traded to get Eric Gagné.

It’s good to see he’s been starting in Texas since he arrived. He had been stuck in AA while in Boston except for a few spot starts.

MY team will be back at 'em tomorrow. Tonight’s massacre a thing of the past. It’s bad, but still just one game. I pity the poor Twins coming into Bmore. :wink:

My Cubs are putzing along just as expected: doing well enough to make you think they can, poorly enough to convince you they won’t. So what else is new on the North Side? :smiley:

Technically, it was two games, since Texas won both games of the double-header (9 - 7 in the nightcap.)

The Yanks are my team too, and I’m still optimistic. I think catching the Sox is probably not happening, but the wild card is very possible. Our bullpen is respectable now with Ramirez and Chamberlain. We need a nice 5 - 6 game winning streak to make up some ground.

We’ve Rangers season tics and yesterday was my Dad’s 70th, what a shame it was OOT.

We got soaked watching the Cubs 6-4 rain delayed gift to the Cards Monday. Anyone else there? The b-to-b homers were awesome and I really thought they’d come thru in the 8th, but alas…

I always love seeing the O’s do badly. Too bad there’s no way a team’s fans can get together and fire the owner.

Speaking of Peter Angelos, is it just me, or could he and Fred Thompson have been separated at birth?

The thing is, RTFirefly, that the Orioles aren’t the only DC-area team where the owner needs to be fired. The Redskins need to cut Daniel Snyder like a paper doll.

There’s certainly a time when I would have agreed with that. But I’ve seen precious little to suggest he’s interfered with Gibbs, who’s now in his fourth season as Redskins head coach.

The funniest thing about the 30-3 loss is that a guy got a save!

Until yesterday, the O’s had actually outscored their opponents this season.

The bright spots are that they have a legitimate Cy Young candidate this year, and that they’re 8-4 against the Yankees.

For me at least, your OP answered itself. My team, you see…is Baltimore. :frowning:

My Indians are currently in a neat little series with the Tigers. Both teams are being disappointing of late and it adds insult to injury when the Tigers lose and the Tribe can’t get a win. So now at least if we win, they lose.

Our starting pitching has been astounding. Usually we’re a team with big bats and no arms. Now all of a sudden we have these amazing pitchers and they lose low-scoring games. The other day Carmona pitched like 77 pitches in 8 innings and we STILL lost.

Somehow we managed to score a ton of runs last night - but the Tigers managed to bring the go-ahead run to the plate a few times.

Anyway, the AL Central is a real nail-biter right now. Every friggin game for the rest of the season is going to count bigtime.

There’s still time.

</waiting for inevitable heartbreak>

How’s my team doing? The Royals are in an exciting “out-of-the-cellar” race with the White Sox. They’re a dozen games better this year than last. I’m loving Gil Meche and Joakim Soria (despite his almost blowing last night’s game) and Brian Bannister and Billy Butler and Joey Gathright, and super-prospect Alex Gordon is showing a few flashed of talent as well. They made Scott Boras blink on their draft pick game of chicken (and just wait till he tries shopping A-Rod as $30M per!). Things are looking up in Kansas City (granted, from where the Royals have been, up is really the only direction to look).

You know when your team has been rebuilding, and that first season you know they really have a chance? But then they blow a couple games and you think maybe they’re not quite there yet? Then they come back and wipe out the Pirates 11-2 and you realize that while they’re 7 games behind, they’re really only a couple out of the wild card? Hey, there’s something like 30 games left! They could still make it. And then they don’t?

The Rockies are like that all the time.