Rank The Beatles’ melancholy songs

Public poll, multiple answers are allowed.

This is a follow-up to Mean Mr. Mustard’s poll, [thread=556591]The Beatles’ Worst Song[/thread].

I expect disagreement and discussion about which songs were included and excluded as poll choices (what is a “melancholy song,” after all?).

Do we just vote for all the ones we like or what?

You forgot For No One.

I picked everything. I adore them all.

And I must ditto, HARD, For No One. Just a lovely, lovely piece of work.

Actually, if Let It Be is there, how about Hey, Jude? Or Here, There and Everywhere? And Blackbird? (All Paul choices, I realize. He writes such beautiful, sensitive songs and sings them with such soulfulness! But I love John’s Nowhere Man and In My Life and You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away too.)

She’s Leaving Home is the most poignant to me. The others are a toss up but they’re all really good. I think they did melancholy well.

Norwegian Wood is melancholy? It’s one of their funniest songs. The singer is invited up to a woman’s apartment, refuses to sleep with her. After she leaves in the morning, he burns it down.

Other: For No One (Revolver).

I know. The tone of the song is haunting and melancholy; the story behind the song isn’t. On its face, the lyric, “so I lit a fire,” is open to interpretation, but I have read about what the lyric means.

I thought the ending of Hey Jude was too uplifting for it to qualify as melancholy on the whole. I thought about including Blackbird, but to me the message is intended to be uplifting (same as Here, There and Everywhere and And I Love Her).

Yes. Vote for as many as you want. It’s not meant to be scientific. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, that should have been in there.

Then I protest Across the Universe’s inclusion! It’s a peaceful, contemplative song, not melancholy. I call shenanigans! :stuck_out_tongue:

Crosby Malkin Michael - Dontcha just love catching so much grief merely by posting a list of possibilities? :smiley:

Anyway…are we to vote for our favorite melancholy Beatles song(s)?

Or, are we to vote for the most melancholy of the melancholy Beatles song(s)?

Ha ha, I was expecting that response. :stuck_out_tongue: I know what you mean. My take on Across the Universe is that it’s open to multiple interpretations. To me, the line “nothing’s gonna change my world” takes on different meanings depending on your current state of mind. If you’re dealing with something really hard, say grief, that line is sad, even though the song is about accepting the world as it is.

For No One is the best imho.

It’s Crosby Malkin Staal, but somehow I think you knew that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I was thinking of it as a vote for your favorite melancholy Beatles song(s).

But, if you would like to try to rank them in order of melancholiness, that’s cool too.

For me, In My Life would be most melancholy. It gets me pretty much every time. I had it played at my wedding reception during a time for family remembrance.

I think their best melancholy song is “For No One,” which Andrea Marcovicci once called “The Most Brutal Song I’ve Ever Had to Sing.”

More wistful than melancholy, but Julia.

So far, there have been five write-in votes for For No One. Sorry I forgot that one in the poll.

Another vote for “For No One” as the saddest of their songs.