What's the best song off of "Rubber Soul"?

Previous polls (still active): Please Please Me, With the Beatles, A Hard Day’s Night, Beatles For Sale and Help!.

There can be only one–which would you choose?

A real difficult call. I went with “You Won’t See Me,” but “I’m Looking Through You,” “Drive My Car,” and “In My Life” are close.

This is the hardest one yet. My favorite song on the album (I’m Looking Through You) isn’t what I would necessarily call the “best” song, but I’ll go with it anyways.

In My Life, followed closely by If I Needed Someone.

Hmm. “Norwegian Wood,” “I’m Looking Through You,” “Nowhere Man,” “Drive My Car” … these are perfect songs to me, but “In My Life” seems on another level entirely.

‘In My Life’ is beyond any other song on this album, and is among the very best Beatles songs overall.

‘Norwegian Wood’ would be my second choice, but nothing comes close to ‘In My Life’.

I voted before reading the thrad. I’m glad other people think In My Life is the best.
*But of all these friends and lovers
There is no one compared with you.
And these memories lose their meanings
When I think of love as somethng new

Though I know I’ll never lose affection
For people and things that went before.
I know I’ll often stop and think about them.
In my life, I love you more.*


Finally chose Drive My Car, just because of all my possible choices, I figured that’d get the least love… Norwegian Wood, I’m Looking Through You, In My Life, Michelle, Girl, and Nowhere Man were all considered, as well…which is not to say I don’t love the rest, but those are the ones I considered voting for. Looks like I was right, although Michelle and Girl are currently behind it…by my vote, so…

Ouch. They just keep getting harder and harder. I can narrow it down to two: both moody, disturbing Lennon ballads. “Norwegian Wood” is the one I play live, but I’m going with “Girl.” “A man must break his back to earn his day of leisure/Will she still believe it when he’s dead?” That line hit me hard when I was ten years old, hearing it for the first time on the Beatles cartoon series!

Took the words right outta my mouth!

Toughest one so far for me, too. I voted before looking at any of the other replies, and chose “In My Life” just because…well…because it’s “In My Life.” What a killer album, though; I must go listen to it now. :cool:

There’s not one of those songs that’s a dud. They were at the height of their game.

Now it gets difficult. They are all great songs, but “Nowhere Man” has it over the others by a RCH.

Inclined to agree, and add You Won’t See Me as another truly great song…heck this is one of the Perfect Albums…

In My Life for me.

Almost went for Girl, just for the tit-tit-tit-tit backing vocals. :smiley:

I have not objective way to vote on this. It’s one of my three favorite albums of all time, and depending on what day you ask me it might even be my favorite Beatles album. I went with Norwegian Wood, but it could easily have been any of them. I picked it because of all the songs on the album if you asked me which one I wanted to listen to right this very second, it’s the one I would pick.

I picked Norwiegen Wood* too. An all-round lovely song, and early use of the sitar turns it into something truly special and foreshadowing their later work.

But really, it’s a first-among-equals thing that varies depending on my mood. On a different day, I could’ve just as easily picked Nowhere Man or You Can’t See Me or Michelle.

A very strong album indeed.

(But picking a fave from Rubber Soul is gonna be a cakewalk compared to the trouble I’ll have with the next one!)

Revolver is easily my favorite, and their most amazing collection of songs on a single album, IMO, yet I find I’m pretty sure of my choice.

Gotta go with Norwegian Wood slightly over Michelle. A more complicated song that has aged well. Though Michelle may have been my favorite Beatles song back in the day.

Looking ahead, I think the only easy choice is going to be for Sgt Pepper.