Rank Your Pizza Toppings

I see this as a toss-up between CS and IMHO. Food wins out.

This is one list of Papa John’s toppings:

Spicy Italian Sausage
Hickory-Smoked Bacon
Grilled All-White Chicken
Fresh-Sliced Onions
Fresh-Sliced Green Peppers
Baby Portabella Mushrooms
Fresh-Sliced Roma Tomatoes
Black Olives
Sweet Pineapple
Extra Cheese

Feel free to add others from your preferred pizzeria.

When you order pizza, what are your must-haves, your secondary options (when you’re “filling it out” because it’s a specialty), and your never happens?

For us, in order, it’s:

Must have:

Spicy Italian Sausage
Black Olives

Can have:

Fresh-Sliced Onions
Fresh-Sliced Green Peppers
Baby Portabella Mushrooms

I don’t care for pineapple and anchovies (not on Papa John’s list), but I can handle the others I didn’t include.

If it’s to be a one-topping, it’s pepperoni.


Wow, we must have a different Papa Johns. My number one topping is jalapeno peppers. I also like mushrooms and tomatoes.

My never haves are onions and pineapple.

99.99% of the time it is a one topping jalapeno pizza for me.

Not to argue, but out of curiosity, here’s my source for the OP’s list:

Does your shop have an online listing available? I have yet to have a jalapeno pizza! Sounds awesome.

Extra sauce

After that, in descending order of importance/need

Green peppers
Artichoke hearts

I’m a vegetarian, so no meat. Extra cheese is fine.

I’m a simple man. I like a plain cheese Pizza. Second to that I’ll eat it with mushrooms and onions. Then I’ll have pepperoni. And if none of those are available, I probably won’t have pizza.

If none of those are available, it ought not be called a pizza place. Are there such places?

I’m not sure of your location, but I put in several zip codes into the Papa Johns website and then I went to their online ordering form as if I was going to order a one topping pizza. I saw jalapeno peppers listed as a choice in their drop down menu for all the zip codes I entered. You’re quite correct that jalapenos are not on their “Our toppings” section of their website.

The zip codes I used were 33071, 43205, and 85014.

Double mushrooms. Triple if I can get them.

Just looking at my order history from the past few months:

  1. Pepperoni
  2. Extra Cheese
  3. Bacon
  4. Grond Beef (Hamburger)

I like meatballs. My local place slices them so they’re a 3/16th to 1/4 inch slices of meatball. Like a big thick pepperoni slice that tastes like a meatball. Delicious. I like other toppings, too, but that’s my topping-not-many-other-people-get.

At home I like to crack an egg on my pizzas before baking.

Bacon, or bacon and onion.


Occasionally a white pie with spinach, green peppers, and/or broccoli.

The Wife likes mushroom.

Must have: Regular cheese pizza

WISH it had: Pepperoni, tomatoes, bacon

Sometimes like: sausage

CAN have: mushrooms, ground meat, Canadian bacon, ham

Wal-mart sells some decent ‘take it and bake it’ pizza at the deli. I usually throw some diced tomatoes and same crumbled bacon on their pepperoni version, and it’s pretty tasty.

Must Have:

Extra Cheese



Other than that, I don’t really mess. The only ones I find really despicable, however, are pineapple, anchovies, and olives.

My must-haves are either sausage, pepperoni (if the restaurant uses large, greasy hunks of sausage, or sausage with caraway), or neither if it’s a place with crappy pepperoni and crappy sausage.
Pepperoni gets paired with black olives.
Sausage gets paired with mushrooms.
Plain cheese gets paired with olives and mushrooms.
Onions, peppers, and pineapple will be picked off or shunned.

I guess my secondary choices are a bit idiosyncratic, but they seem like good combinations to me, at least.

fresh diced tomatoes (not every pizza place offers those)
fresh garlic (ditto)
anchovies (if I’m in the mood)

green pepper
extra cheese

That is all.

**Love: **
-extra cheese

-green pepper

Cannot abide:
-mushrooms (they taste of Satan’s ejaculate to me – no, don’t ask how I know)
-anchovies (my husband loves 'em, but even the smell is not allowed in our house)
-olives of any color, creed, or nation of origin

No opinion:
-pineapple (I’ve never had it on a pizza, but I can see how the sweet/salty combo would work)
-clams (hey, Frank Pepe’s makes it but I’ve not been tempted)

Plain Cheese is OK.

I prefer just Pepperoni and sliced Pepperoncini.

I’ll eat:

Onions, Olives, Ground Beef, most Sausage, tomatoes, ham.

Please leave off the:

And the local Mama Lucia’s makes a great hot pizza, with spicy pizza sauce.

Sour Cream is the number 1 ingredient that no one outside of Manitoba knows about. Delicious, fantastic, and largely un-available.

Grilled Chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and sour cream is my favourite combination. Pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, italian sausage or salami and sour cream is not bad either.

I’ve never cared for pineapples, myself.

I’m a huge fan of the Pepperoni and Pineapple mixture. Pineapple adds a lot of sweet that really balances out the saltiness of the Pepperoni. I’m a california boy, though, so that might explain it (my parents, New Yorkers the both of 'em, nearly disowned me the first time they saw me eating one of those).

My second favorite, what I default to at the sorta “upscale” pizza places, is Garlic, Feta, and either Olives or Basil, depending on my mood. I have an unhealthy obsession with Feta Cheese that was cured only by moving to a country where such a thing doesn’t exist (Japan, where “natural” and “sliced” are the most common types of cheese)

beyond those two I’m not picky, though I’m not a huge fan of Anchovies on my pizza. The only pizza I absolutely refuse to eat are those fucked up Japanese inventions like Corn and Mayo pizza, or Mayo and Tuna. Mayonaise on pizza is just wrong.